Thursday, January 30, 2014

currently into

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Well its about that time again!! When I share  all the things I'm currently into. Although you might not give two damns, here it goes. Ready? a reminder- I am one of those people that get really into things, like hardcore phaser. Ok, ready?
  1. San Francisco: I've always said I could never live in SF and only liked the city to go get my latest fashions. BUT everything has changed. I now find myself desperately wanting to be a resident. Amazing atmosphere all around. 
  2. Canvas totes: Well these Sincerely Jules totes are pretty freaking amazing. I could use them to go shopping in SF, since the charge per shopping bag. Plus it's a cool way to wear a printed bag.
  3. White T-shirts: I literally only have ONE white t-shirt in my wardrobe. And I came to the realization that 1) I'm such an unprofessional fashionee and 2) they are the most essential colored t-shirts to own. I mean, pair it with a cool bra underneath and be fabulous. Let's not forget american classic: white T w/ jeans- hi amazing! 
  4. Hand Lotion: Usually I only use one lotion for my entire body [well, neck down]. Recently I started getting a little fancier using hand lotion. Totally makes a difference, hands feel baby bottom soft.  
  5. Beyonc√©: NO explanation needed-right? Surfboard. Mine. Flawless. Right? 
  6. Slip-ons: A shoe that can actually show off cool prints. No shoe lace or weird cut-outs to to distract from the actual print. 
What are you into? 

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