Friday, January 24, 2014

stolen hat

hat: [stole from dad]// blazer: Pencey Standard// striped v-neck: Splendid// jeans: TopShop// shoes: Zara// bag: Alexander Wang// shades: RayBan [Boyfriend]

Lately things have been happening in which I don't even have describable feelings for [because their unfamiliar]. When I say this, I mean in more than just fashion, I'm talking life.  One thing I am not doing is complaining. I love life and all its unfamiliarities. But it's strange I tell. Maybe its growth? 
The thing I know for sure is I have my eyes on the gold. 

Let me tell you about the hat. I was really in the market for a cool, sturdy, structured, amazing hat. Originally my idea was to buy a Janessa Leone, it didn't work. So I stole this one from my dad. It's been the best steal by far! I've received so many compliments on it, so I wear it all the time. 
Don't you just love when you've been saving some cash to buy something amazing, then that something amazing turns out to be free and even more amazing than you've imagined? 


  1. Love the whole ensemble! Loving the hat and hair :)

    Great styling!


  2. Lovely look and pictures!