Sunday, May 3, 2015

Parisian Vibes

Oui! Parisiens ont la mode √©tonnante (translation: Parisians have amazing fashion)
Lately being Parisian or going to Paris is on my mind. Maybe it has to do with all the fabulous Parisian outfits I have been pinning on Pinterest. They definitely get it. 
Whenever I see a flat top hat, instantly think of Paris. So naturally the moment I saw this hat it had to be mine.  Brings me a stop closer to Paris. 
I think I nailed the parisian vibes with the add of a tweed jacket. 

My next outfit will be a little more adventures. It will include the hat but I will elevate the look a couple notches. Like wearing a metallic cocktail dress with sneakers and this hat. 
*Note to self: Buy a metallic cocktail dress* 
Stay tuned! 

jacket: American Rag// top: Urban Outfitters// jeans: GAP// shoes: Sam Edelman// hat: Madam Butterfly (Sacramento Boutique)

Friday, May 1, 2015

too many trends

Straight to the point here-I'm wearing way too many trends at once! Like really. I get I want to be cool and hip but let's just be honest, this outfit was kinda all over the place. I'm wearing a fringe dress (totally trending, the fringe) tied at the waist with a plaid shirt, oversized tote, and ta-daaaa a military cameo jacket. Sigh. 
Cool outfit, overall. However, a little much for me. I consider myself more of a one-trend-at-a-time kinda girl. So why do I say such things, yet I'm talking S#$T of my own outfit. Well, I liked it at the time but now I'm reflecting. I kinda look like I'm trying way too hard to look like a teenager! No offense teens, I love you. 
Then I started thinking "who am I?".  When I do this outfit again I would just take off the plaid shirt. So am I being dramatic? If I'm only taking off the shirt? 
 Let me know. 

jacket: GAP// dress: Heart Boutique (Sac, CA)// shirt: Urban Outfitters// booties: ZARA// tote: Nordstrom

Sunday, April 26, 2015

All White

The simplicity of all white is scary yet absolutely beautiful. In a way it's romantic. 
Don't be afraid of it. Just remember to balance. 

Gotta go peeps. Love you all...seriously!

striking the Man Repeller pose.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Farmers Market Streetstyle

This past Saturday (4/18/15) I was at the Midtown Farmers Market with my plum (aka little sister). Scouting cool styles. If you weren't there you totally missed out! Seriously. The amount of cool style in Sacramento is bananas. Unique, eclectic, trending, hip.

It's not any ordinary farmers market where you go pick up your veggies, eggs, fruits, flowers, etc. and go home. No! Midtown's Farmers Market is different, special. It's located in a fantastic area (between J and K, on 20th st) one of the busiest areas in midtown. Lots of amazing restaurants and shops surrounding the market. At the market you have wonderful vendors with amazing produce, there's a play area, bike valet, sweet eats, music, sitting areas. I mean it's literally a social gathering more so than a farmers market. 

And don't worry if you didn't make it out this weekend, the market happens every Saturday! 

my plum/ little sister. xo

*This post is in collaboration with Getta Clue and Unseen Heroes for the Midtown Farmers Market. For specific information on fresh produce and fresh style, please

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

hang with ME?

Graffiti walls are usually not my jam. I mean, sure they were super cool when blogging was booming. But it seemed so cliche. EVERYONE was doing it. I tired to stay away. But I figured it's been a long time coming. Plus this particular section of midtown had some pretty rad looking writing. 

Gaucho pants...get them. Consider them your cool staple in your closet. Seriously, they will elevate your look. If you're scared or think you can't pull them off at least try them. Bring a bunch of tops with you to the fitting room (i.e crop tops, slim fitting)  whatever you know will compliment your body type! Plus, honestly, jeans, they're awesome/perfect but every now and then- change is expected. 

****Also, if you live in Sacramento, CA or surrounding areas come out and hang with me at the Midtown Farmers Market!!! This Saturday 4/18/15 located between J & K on 20th St.  I'll be hanging out taking pictures of fashionable peeps. So bring your grandma, pets, neighbors, parents, friends, everyone- and dress cool...if you want. Wear your best cologne and/or perfume/body spray! 
Hope to see lots of beautiful faces!!! 

jean jacket: GAP (since high school)// trench: CUFFS boutique (Sacramento, CA)// top: Forever21// gaucho: Nordstrom Rack// heels: Victoria Secret// candy: Haribo Cherries (I only like cherry and pineapple flavor) 

Monday, April 13, 2015

oh boy!

Oh boy, it's been a while! Missed you all! 

 I've been in an absence from the blog because I haven't bought anything new in a long time. My closet feels basic, uninspiring, uninteresting, just a huge blahhhhhhh! Typically, I'm really good at reusing old clothes to create new/different looks. But even that wasn't coming to me. Like, I at least wanted something new to wear. So basically, I've been a struggle. 
 Lucky, I have my blogger bud who constantly pushes me (love her!) aka gave me a day notice to get ready! I was in a time crunch and had been starring at my closet for a solid 30 minutes. Finally I decided to move over and pick through my boyfriend's side. I picked my favorite piece, his "abuelo" (grandpa) sweater. So cozy and oversized, perfect for the kinda gloomy/ windy day we were having! 

Until next time! XO 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

your BRA guide

Untitled #43

You know, recently, bras have became an obsession. Literally. Never have I cared for bras. Don't have boobs (well, tiny ones), so I never really cared for them. They just seemed so unnecessary, until recently. All I want to do is buy cool bras and wear button ups unbutton real low. And it doesn't even matter -for me- because my boobs are small, so it looks totally appropriate.

Anyway, here is a little guide on my must haves or the coolest ones:

Top Row: The Nude Label, MSGM, Love & Lemons
Middle Row: Calvin Klein, Free People, Topshop
Bottom Row: Cosabella, Samantha Chang, Victoria Secret