Sunday, September 14, 2014


So while I am desperately waiting for Fall, I decided to create a look that brings me closer to the idea of Fall. Mind you it was 100 degrees and I'm in dark colors! I clearly lost my mind. I'm doing this you for FALL! So come now! 

Let's talk about New York Fashion Week, shall we? Yes. I was all about fashion week street style. I mean the endless amazingess snapped and put up on Pinterest was mouthwatering. I spent several days thinking "damn I wish I was in New York, at least sitting outside the shows to people watch".  In true inspiration, I kinda want to reedit my whole wardrobe. 

hat: unknown//shirt: Ann Taylor//jeans: H&M// sandals: Birkenstock

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I C E pops

The other day I made my way over to World Market (favorite market) and I came across Zipzicle Ice- Pop Pouches. They immediately took me back to my childhood in the summer. When all I wanted was to eat Otter Pops, red and blue flavor...only! I thought it would be a fab idea to make grown-up pops. Pressed juice with fresh fruit and strawberry mimosa. So technically I guess kids can still have one of the flavors. 

They're actually so easy and fun to make. Perfect to make for parties or get togethers. 

You'll need:
Pressed juice (bought mine already made from Peel'd). Fresh fruit cut into tiny pieces.
I used: Guava, Peach, and berries. Side note: the guava and peaches are from my dad's garden. #proud #organic.

Adult Pops: Champagne, Orange juice, mushed strawberries (I just used a fork), additional fruit. 

Easy right?  


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

easy transition

This dress was probably one of my most exciting purchases this week. I mean, it was $7 at H&M, perfect for work and play, color and pattern makes for an easy transition into Fall. In other words #WINNING (favorite hashtag btw). Also, you can wear it w/ just about any shoe! 

I paired it with my red Superga's for a pop of color. But I was in a huge dilemma between white high-top Converse or these red Superg's. Or a completely different vibe, office approp shoes. See what I mean, 'just about any shoe'

dress: H&M// sneakers: Superga// bag: Alexander Wang// shades: Wildfox Couture

Thursday, August 21, 2014



Although I may not be going to Las Vegas anytime soon, this is something I would totally wear to hang out at Aria Hotel. Here's why, a low plunge romper could easily take your fit from day to night. Just switch up a few accessories and go. Plus a low plunge is sexy, and LV is a place to be your sexiest.

Now typically when  think of Vegas I think twwweeerk all day, right? However, in efforts to really indulge in the luxuries of Las Vegas, more so Aria Hotel, I decided to stay away from the pool during the day so I can twwerk at night.

Day Look:
Romper without the jacket, Gladiator sandals or sneakers (if your going to do excessive walking), shades, bag, and call it a day! The total look is relaxed, put together, and most
Wake up head to the Spa, then shopping, then lunch, then possibly day drinking. Head to the room for a quick accessory change.

Night Look:
Romper with the jacket, strappy heels, the sexiest of undies (wink, wink), bag and a red lip. MAJOR!
On my way to dinner at Javier's and then off for drinks at Deuce Lounge.

I'm telling you, that low 'p' is everything!

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

thoughts and aspirations

My volunteer peeps. 

A few years back, when I was in college, I heard about International Students Volunteer. An organization that offers students the opportunity to travel overseas to volunteer their time for great causes. My girlfriend -who was attending San Jose State at the time- mentioned to me she was going to Europe to build a nesting area for animals that are going extinct. My heart melted. I looked up the program, discussed the plan with my parents, signed up, and packed my bags. I also chose to go to Europe, Romania to be exact. I spent two weeks in a tiny mountain town with one main dirt road, population less than 200 people. We stayed at a place that aid orphan's and domestically abused mothers/women. The program homed about 30 kids and 2 moms. It runs entirely on donations; money, food, clothes, toys, etc. Our mission was to build a school/center for the children. So they wouldn't have to walk 6 miles to school and they have a place to play indoor in the cold weather. 

This experience was like no other. Language barrier, kids becoming attached to us, restricted water and food usage/consumption, living in conditions outside our comfort zone, meeting and bonding with my volunteer peeps. Ultimately, doing something that matters for people I most likely will never see again, the most rewarding experience hands down. 


I've always mentioned to very few and very close people in my life that I wanted to give back in some way. I wanted to adopt an overseas family, start a charity, be like the TOMS brand. Do something beyond myself. Truly help make a difference in peoples life. I stayed stuck in waiting for the right time. "When I have money I will donate" or "When I have time I will volunteer my time at senior homes or homeless shelters, or at children's hospital, etc." I've realized and truly came to understand that my words and intentions are meaningless without action. Stayed caught up in material things and forgot one of my life long aspirations. To make a difference in peoples lives. Sure I volunteered before, but I shouldn't have stopped there. I needed to keep going. And I will. Thankfully -due to the power of reading- I passed a quote saying "be a do-er, not a don't-er".Which is why I share this with you because I want to be a do-er. And to warn you, there might be a an edition coming to the blog. So stayed tuned. 

Just wanted to share my thoughts and aspirations. 

Hiking to school

Pass on Kindness people! 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

errands and totes

This one minute look is my staple. I'm talking go-to, everyday if I could, always catch me with a white t and jeans, kind of staple. It's the no fuss running around town doing errands look, yet cool. 

Typically when I do my errands I like to carry a tote bag. I find myself just tossing my bags, which I don't like to do to my 'cool' bags. 

t-shirt: Brandy Melville// jeans: Levi's (little brothers)// sandals: Birkenstocks// tote: F21

Friday, August 1, 2014

triple digits

People, I am going to make this short. My finger tips are sweatin' as I am typing. It's so HOOOOOT. Like triple digits for two weeks. Intense. 

Looking at this outfit makes me sweat. But since it was late in the day and I was meeting up a girlfriend I thought it was ok. However, I was still sweating. 

But these Bear Paw wedges, how cute are they? The print and color is great to add just the right amount of omph to your outfit.  

t-shirt: GAP// short: One Teaspoon// wedges: C/O Bear Paw