Thursday, March 16, 2017

Downtown Stockton, CA

There is something so cool about Downtown Stockton. It's been deserted for several years, has tons of historical buildings, and oh so much character.  In recent years, there has been lots of new development. Businesses are starting to see the opportunity. Cool new coffee shop, Uber cool San Francisco furniture designer opened up his workshop in downtown Stockton, several new restaurants, new modern lofts, creative collaborative spaces, and my brother's campaign office was located in one of Stockton's oldest buildings (built in 1920's, vacant for a long time) decked out in marble (see here).
As a born and raised Stocktonian, I am so proud to see the city evolve. Primarily downtown which in my opinion is the coolest area in Stockton.

Also, there is something so special and traditional and hip about wearing good' ol classics no? Plain white t-shirt (Hanes!), blue jeans, and sneakers. So special. These days it's literally my uniform. Need to change it up.  

Brother's office is the pretty one with all those windows! 
t-shirt: Hanes
jeans: Gap
sneakers: Golden Goose Deluxe

Monday, March 6, 2017

Wine Tasting at LangeTwins

The other day, as I was sipping on my glass of wine, it dawned on me "Wait! Jac....start a wine series!" It was a magical moment. I mean, I love wine,  going wine tasting, and there are so many delicious / amazing places to check out in the surrounding Sacramento area. 

To start off, first visited LangeTwins Family Winery and Vineyard in Lodi, CA. Family owned and 5th generation winegrowers.
We got a private tour of the winery by the sweetest tour guide; Kendra (daughter of one of the Lange Twins). She laid some serious knowledge on us. 
Some interesting facts:
1- LangeTwins name came from twin brothers Brad and Randall Lange
2- Great-Great Grandparents migrated to Lodi from Germany an leased land to farm watermelons. In the 1930's the family purchased land that was planted to grapevines and learned to farm grapes versus pulling.
3-All throughout the winery and vineyard there are photovoltaic solar systems installed for renewable energy
4- LangeTwins harvests 27 different varietals. Zinfandel being one of them. But for their Centennial Zin, they work with a family friend to craft the 114 year old Zinfandel. My favorite 2011 Centennial Zinfandel
5- Winery has only been opened since 2006!
6- They bottle four different brands, including; LangeTwins, Caricature, Ivory and Burt, and Sand Point

Hope you enjoy!

We entered the barrel room. Where we had our private tasting. My top three favorites: 2016 Sangiovese Rosé, 2012 Midnight Reserve, and 2011 Centennial Zinfandel.

Thank you LangeTwins for your collaboration.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

BEAUTY: Top Favorites

Beauty, Beauty,'s one of my favorite topics on Youtube and magazines. I don't wear any face makeup, only eye and brows, but I'm a huge product junkie. Since I save some $$ on makeup, I like to splurge on other products such as oils, candles, perfume, etc. Thought I'd share some of my current faves. Although I have loved these for a while now. 

Gisou, Honey Infused Hair Oil: OMG!!! Best damn money I've ever spent on a product. I have curly hair therefore prune to very dry tips. After a couple days of using the oil I noticed a huge difference in the softness of my hair. I love it so much. I was very hesitant about spending the $$. I've trusted a lot of hair products that never delivered results. But Negin's beautiful hair and research on ingredients (a story for a different day) in her product I was convinced. Now, I can't wait to get my hands on her heat protectant spray (sold out).  

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry oil: Another product I just absolutely love, on my second bottle. I use it all over my body all the way up to my neck. It smells divine. Leaves my skin feeling silky. Another fave; their honey based lip balm.

Byredo (perfume and candle): There is not one scent I don't love from this brand. The perfume especially is my favorite. I try to rotate my perfume and candle, but I always find myself spraying or burning Byredo. Definitely recommend the splurge on these, if not both at least the perfume. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day Solo

Valentine's Day is one of my absolute favorite holidays. I say that every year and also about every holiday. I start to drop subliminal messages to my fiance around January 2nd. I'm giving him time to recover from just-passed holidays but also need him to start thinking/ planning for this special day. A day that means so much to me!
However, this year, he had absolutely no shame in telling me I'm celebrating alone. THE NERVE!!! Of course I caused a scene, slammed doors shut a couple times, demanded he take the day off, but after explanation/reasoning- he's a fireman, set schedule year in advance, and a hero- I let it go.
I thought about gathering my girls for a Galentines brunch, but I scratched that idea. Instead I decided to celebrate solo. A manufactured LOVE day, loving myself. Seemed right, felt right, and there was something so empowering about it.
What I did: Read magazines, drank wine, made a cheese plate, bought myself roses, put on a face mask, and listened to John Mayer alternating with Beyonce. And I have to say it was one of the best/most relaxing Valentines Day.

It was a fundamental belief  Valentine's Day had to be spent with people you love and shouldn't be spent alone. One should also plan to go out for a romantic dinner and buy something special for a special someone. I guess it's a blessing in disguise my man is working because I realized how empowering celebrating alone is. Self love is the most important attribute one should posses.

Monday, February 6, 2017


 You guys because I love you....deep love.  I've teamed up with Total Beauty Experience for my first ever giveaway! All three items were hand picked by me, only my favorite. Tried to incorporate top three important elements; entertainment [wine, hmmmmmmm], home, and beauty. TBE honestly carries such a good selection of products.

How to enter:
1.       Must follow Jaclyn_Andrade [Stylevolver] and Total Beauty Experience on Instagram
2.       Like Instagram photo
3.       Comment and tag at least 3 of your friends [or more]
4.       Must live in the United States to enter. 

Ways to increase your chances of winning: visit Total Beauty Experience [2929 Arden Way Sacramento, CA 95825] ask to enter Stylevolver giveaway. In addition, if you spend $40.00+ at TBE you receive a SWEET gift with purchase!!

***Items: Voluspa Candle [ all time favorite brand and every single scent smells amazing], Corkcicle [neatest wine gadget], and Moroccan Oil Smoothing Hair Mask.

Thank you Total Beauty Experience for your partnership.

Monday, January 16, 2017

How To: Table Spread

Before the month ends I wanted to share my table spread I created for New Years Eve. My fiancé and I hosted a NYE party at our place this year. It's so surreal to think that just last year we were in our tiny apartment [less than 700 sq ft] and now we have the opportunity to host a large group. #blessed.

I wish I would have taken more pictures, but I didn't think I would share this. However, I received a ton of compliments from my girlfriends and even the fellas. So I'd figure I'd share my tips: 

First, believe it or not I literally drew out a map of how I would set up the table. The reason is 1) I've never created a 'multiple-board' charcuterie board for a large group 2) wanted to make sure it was perfect and all things fit with enough room to seat people comfortably.
Second, CHEESE and MEATS. I had to make sure I did my research on cheeses. Already, I knew there were a few folks who were lactose. You want everyone to enjoy your creation. No? I went with a popular cheese such as Brie then an aged cheese like Gouda combined with Parmesan [so good].  Then choose your meats, crackers, some fruit, and spread [like a chili pepper jelly]. Easy!
Three, Candles and Greenery. I used to believe creating a good looking board was a little intimidating. Then I found the best trick; incorporate greenery! And whenever permissible candles. And viola you just elevated your board. Your guest will take notice, trust me!
Finally, serving dishes. I am a firm believer serving dishes are just as important as the food you out on them.

And that's all folks! Hopefully you enjoy this post. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Better Me with Core Power Yoga

In 2017, I want to be a better human, all around [resolution, eyes rolled back...twice]. I noticed and realized one huge deal; I need to be healthy. Not that I'm obese or want to be Adriana Lima but I could do better. I could do better all around. This year I told myself "it's not about being fit/skinny more than it is about being HEALTHY overall". I want to eat better, be more mindful, lose some pounds, just live a happy healthy life. Not to mention I am also gearing up for a WEDDING in June!!! Holy SHIT!!!

In efforts to do better, I teamed up with CorePower Yoga in Roseville, CA. Uber cool studio and really nice staff. This yoga practice really felt like it was more than just "yoga" I literally felt all my muscles working to the very core [pun intended]. I felt that sore that I strive for whenever I work out. Victory! 
Also,, Julie is studio manager and one of the sweetest humans. We did a brief interview about Core Power Yoga. Scroll all the way down! 


CorePower Yoga Background?
CorePower opened its first studio in Denver in 2002 to increase the widespread adoption of yoga by making its physical and mental benefits available to more people.  And, we continue to show the world the incredible, life-changing things that happen when you root an intensely physical workout in the mindfulness of yoga.  
What does CorePower Yoga offer that other yoga practices doesn't? Why would you recommend it?
CorePower delivers a workout that is physical and mindful - all in one efficient hour. Inside our yoga studios, something amazing is happening. We’ve held onto the magic of yoga, while upping the intensity factor for a more powerful, purposeful workout, allowing our students to discover their most powerful self. CorePower strives to make the whole experience welcoming – we have supportive instruction, a high volume of classes to suit a busy schedule, state of the art facilities and truly a place where everyone belongs. We turn doubt into security, strangers into friends and stress into sweat!

What is one of the greatest benefits of practicing yoga?

Yoga is strongly correlated with having a positive self-image.  At CorePower Yoga we believe in working every muscle and every emotion. Along with increased strength and flexibility, our students often discover a renewed sense of focus and strength, both on and off the mat. 
Best pose for morning stretch?
Sun Salutations are a great way to wake up, get your blood moving and get ready for the day!

What advice do you have for aspiring yogis? 

All you need is an open mind and the desire to challenge your body! Some other helpful tips:
  • Find a studio near you, pick a class and check in 15 min early to meet your instructor and ask questions–no reservations required.
  • Bring a mat, water bottle and towel or rent/buy one of ours! Free mat and towel rental for first-time students.
  • Wear fitted exercise clothes, ideally that wick away moisture.
  • First-time students receive a free week!
  • Beginners should be looking for something similar to a CorePower Yoga 1 (C1), where you have the opportunity to explore the postures and fundamental principles of vinyasa flow. These classes are unheated and have no added humidity. If you are already accustomed to heated classes, Hot Power Fusion is also a great one for beginners.