Monday, July 27, 2015

Let's Chat. Yeah?

Lately...I've been doing serious soul searching. Answering adult questions like who am I? Who do I want to be? What do I want to do? Am I living or merely existing? [Does my neighbor know my name?] Basic, fundamental human questions to ask ourselves. In my case, I haven't ever fully answered them with confidence. Maybe I was scared or I wasn't really ready to commit to my answers. Either way, I've been in a weird funk so I decided to revisit these questions again. But this time answering truthfully and prepared for whatever my answers are.

Along my very serious search there has been multiple Jaclyn personalities. One day I'm cool, the next sad, confused, frustrated, excited. I mean, my boyfriend is about ready to diagnose me with bipolar disorder. And/or check me into a mental institution. Joking! But maybe he's thought about it. Idk.

Anyway, I guess what I really want to say is that I'm searching for myself. Cliché. Not saying I'm a lost soul, just searching for the better me. If that makes sense? I want to improve myself. Be happy and really enjoy the things that I do without worrying about if it's going to please someone else. Essentially I want to "Be The Girl" as Jennifer Lopez has been fiercely hashtagging [#bethegirl].
-up to one's own interpretation- 

One of the many things I thought about was re-purposing my blog. I want to do more than just post photos of myself in outfits. There's millions us of out there already. Frankly, I don't enjoy it that much. 95% of the time I feel too oily to shoot anyway. There will still be outfit post. However, I want to take a new direction- like today's post for example., fashion, life, food.

It'll be a journey.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Crop Top

I frequently visit my family in my hometown Stockton, CA. Which has a really bad rep. It's known for crime, drugs, and us gangsters. People are scared, makes sense. But above all Stockton is home, full of memories, good ones too. When there, I like to cruise through our abandoned downtown. I find a lot of character there. Like this cool flag I was able to shoot in front of. And the good thing a lot of positive change is happening. #proud!

Typically crop tops are not my thing. They remind me of teenagers or young college girls. Holy shit I just aged myself!!!! I'm in my twenties, swear. Mainly, truth is a little insecurity.  Although I am small, my stomach is my biggest issue. Let's just say it's not smooth.  Anyway, the hell with insecurities, if I don't accept it other people wont. Nobody's perfect. Crop tops are at the top of my shopping list. I went from none to 4 (exactly) real quick. Perfect paired with high waist bottoms!

top: Topshop// shorts: GAP// sandals: Cynthia Vincent// bag: Nordstrom// shades: Celine (sister's)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Three things; none of which I'm zooming in on, literally, because I'm talking about in my pictures.  Nonetheless THREE things. But before I get into those. Summer, I don't like! I really don't. Monday was our first real encounter and I sweated through three outfits (I'm not lying either). 
Back to three. This summer season I prepared my must haves. Really did my research on the things I needed and wanted. One of the things I needed were a new pair of sunglasses. As we seen in almost every blog and highlighted on every major shopping site, clear frames are a total must have. Most have colored lens, those weren't really my vibe. So I found the perfect clear frames with gold accents, and brownish lens. Win. Second, sandals. Every season I feel like I have to add a new pair, like my staple sandal. I kid you not, I was searching since last summer for my perfect one. I finally found my absolute favorite gladiator-wear-all-summer-sandal. I know it's my favorite because I would definitely buy the same one in a different color.  They're so subtle and sleek. Three, my little nug, my YSL monogramme camera bag. Every girl (and guy) should invest in a good quality-don't want to sound pretentious- designer bag. I recommend buying one that is season-less, one you could pass down, a designers' staple-it-bag. A mini bag was essential for me this summer. It just was. You know?

What are you musts for the summa?

hat: (my sister's)// shades: Le Specs// shirt: from México (also my sister's)// shorts: American Eagle// bag: Saint Laurent// sandals: Cynthia Vincent. 

Monday, June 1, 2015

senior citizens

I seriously apologize for my absences. I truly do.
While I was absent I didn't even have the decency to shot outfits. But who needs to see me strike my 'Beyonce' or 'Sincerely Jules' when we have these incredibly dapper senior citizens shutting it down. WHO???  
You see, to me style inspiration can come from absolutely any one, at any age, race, gender, occupation, etc. And Senior Citizens are on my radar. Let's face it, they will always get it. They're wise, have great quality clothes, and frankly look so damn adorable in anything. Sometimes we tend to overlook seniors, categorize them as non-stylish. Lesson learned. They are the new black. 
The only thing I wish now is to continue, once I get to my old age, to look as cool as these peeps. 

(all photos via my Pinterest)

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Parisian Vibes

Oui! Parisiens ont la mode étonnante (translation: Parisians have amazing fashion)
Lately being Parisian or going to Paris is on my mind. Maybe it has to do with all the fabulous Parisian outfits I have been pinning on Pinterest. They definitely get it. 
Whenever I see a flat top hat, instantly think of Paris. So naturally the moment I saw this hat it had to be mine.  Brings me a stop closer to Paris. 
I think I nailed the parisian vibes with the add of a tweed jacket. 

My next outfit will be a little more adventures. It will include the hat but I will elevate the look a couple notches. Like wearing a metallic cocktail dress with sneakers and this hat. 
*Note to self: Buy a metallic cocktail dress* 
Stay tuned! 

jacket: American Rag// top: Urban Outfitters// jeans: GAP// shoes: Sam Edelman// hat: Madam Butterfly (Sacramento Boutique)

Friday, May 1, 2015

too many trends

Straight to the point here-I'm wearing way too many trends at once! Like really. I get I want to be cool and hip but let's just be honest, this outfit was kinda all over the place. I'm wearing a fringe dress (totally trending, the fringe) tied at the waist with a plaid shirt, oversized tote, and ta-daaaa a military cameo jacket. Sigh. 
Cool outfit, overall. However, a little much for me. I consider myself more of a one-trend-at-a-time kinda girl. So why do I say such things, yet I'm talking S#$T of my own outfit. Well, I liked it at the time but now I'm reflecting. I kinda look like I'm trying way too hard to look like a teenager! No offense teens, I love you. 
Then I started thinking "who am I?".  When I do this outfit again I would just take off the plaid shirt. So am I being dramatic? If I'm only taking off the shirt? 
 Let me know. 

jacket: GAP// dress: Heart Boutique (Sac, CA)// shirt: Urban Outfitters// booties: ZARA// tote: Nordstrom

Sunday, April 26, 2015

All White

The simplicity of all white is scary yet absolutely beautiful. In a way it's romantic. 
Don't be afraid of it. Just remember to balance. 

Gotta go peeps. Love you all...seriously!

striking the Man Repeller pose.