Tuesday, September 30, 2014

backpacks for greater purposes

Just when I thought I would never again wear a backpack. I did. "Backpacks are only for school and my aunt who works at Intel, carrying a backpack likes its her purse." I thought. What a naive thought processes I have, sometimes. Of course then I started seeing them all over blogs and fashion sites. So I began to think "hmm maybe there not just for school or Intel employees, but for where?" 

As an avid coffee drinker I visit coffee shops (very) often.
Frequently making them my office. I take my work, stationary, snacks, mags and sit there for hoooours
Then one day as I was sitting there rattling through my tote -wishing they had compartments- I had this genius idea, bring a backpack! Obviously it needs to be a cool backpack not my NorthFace. I don't want to be mistaken for a student. Since I look so young, right? So in the meantime I borrowed my little sisters, which has a ton of compartments. I tell you, backpacks do service greater purposes outside of school. Mildly joking.

trench: Cuffs (Sac's local boutique)// dress: Target// sneakers: Nike// backpack: Urban Outfitters

Thursday, September 25, 2014

establishing vibes

Photography by BaeleeMichelle 

Awesome, right? All that sass. We almost look like an updated Spice Girls photo. In which case I would obviously be Posh Spice. Yeah? 

Anyway, a few months back a few of my Spice Girl (joking) friends and I decided to get together to show how the fashion blogger community in Sacramento is growing. I for one think its absolutely great. We get to create/develop our own blogging vibe in Sacramento. At least for fashion blogs. As opposed to being trying to establish someplace where the blogger community is already established. So the whole idea of being apart of something thats beginning to evolve makes my little heart sing, smile, and twerk all at once. 
Read our cool interview at City Scout

Blogger Buds: Phoebe- The Dress Fiend, Kachet- The Lipstick Giraffe, Haley- Colour Me Classic, and Vanessa- Babsicle.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

brother jeans

Ever since I inherited these jeans from my little brother I've been obsessed with styling looks with them.  In my mind I knew they would be perfect with everything. Typically when people (meaning men) think of boyfriend jeans they don't think to associate them with being sexy. So in my true nature, I challenged myself to style boyfriend/brother jeans so that my boyfriend wouldn't find them atrocious. I believe I won. My butt looked great, I was showing just the right amount of skin, and my hair was 
afro-y just how he likes it. 

Of course, this isn't about making him happy with my fashion choices but sometimes, just sometimes, I enjoy dressing for him. ONLY SOMETIMES, but there has to be satisfaction for me too. Hence, why I am wearing my 'brother' jeans. 

top: F21(similar here)
pants: Levi's (belonged too little brother) 
sandals: Zara
trench: Cuffs Boutique (similar here)
clutch: Comme De Garcons

So do you like dressing for your sugar boo, sometimes? All the time? TELL ME!

Monday, September 22, 2014

man hunt

Where am I wearing this look too? Shopping, coffee shop, hang out with friends, almost anywhere. I especially feel like this top is so fun and can go anywhere with it. And I must admit... I copied Man Repeller (sigh). I absolutely love her. She has the most amazing unique style EVER! The moment I found out her top was TOPSHOP I went on a serious man hunt (no pun intended) no rest till it was mine. 

It's not super noticeable BUT I finally bought myself a denim shirt! I used to have a jankie ol' Target one, which mind you I thought was fabulous. However, a girlfriend strongly disagreed. She was like "your into fashion yet your "denim/chambray" shirt is ugly. It's not even real denim". Just so you know, I rolled my eyes at her and might have given her a slight mug. 

shirt: TOPSHOP// waist shirt: GAP// shorts: vintage Lauren pants (DIY into shorts)// Chelsea boots: GAP// clutch: borrowed from my blogger bud Colour Me Classic

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

unique flare

No makeup! No makeup! Only moisturizer. Honestly though, I don't wear any face makeup but I do wear eye makeup. However, I didn't even have the decency to wear any this day.  But it's not what I wear on my face, right? I think it's really about this crazy/unique/beautiful shirt. So in attempts to not distract from its beauty, I didn't wear makeup. Makes sense. 

I knew from the moment I saw it, I had to have it. It's so me! 
 I typically like to purchase pieces that have a unique flare to them. And this shirt, like I said, it's so me.
I dressed it up and down. Such a fun shirt and I receive tons of compliments. Which is always great. 

top: ZARA (old)//jeans: Urban Outfitters// mules: F21// bag: LV

Sunday, September 14, 2014


So while I am desperately waiting for Fall, I decided to create a look that brings me closer to the idea of Fall. Mind you it was 100 degrees and I'm in dark colors! I clearly lost my mind. I'm doing this you for FALL! So come now! 

Let's talk about New York Fashion Week, shall we? Yes. I was all about fashion week street style. I mean the endless amazingess snapped and put up on Pinterest was mouthwatering. I spent several days thinking "damn I wish I was in New York, at least sitting outside the shows to people watch".  In true inspiration, I kinda want to reedit my whole wardrobe. 

hat: unknown//shirt: Ann Taylor//jeans: H&M// sandals: Birkenstock

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I C E pops

The other day I made my way over to World Market (favorite market) and I came across Zipzicle Ice- Pop Pouches. They immediately took me back to my childhood in the summer. When all I wanted was to eat Otter Pops, red and blue flavor...only! I thought it would be a fab idea to make grown-up pops. Pressed juice with fresh fruit and strawberry mimosa. So technically I guess kids can still have one of the flavors. 

They're actually so easy and fun to make. Perfect to make for parties or get togethers. 

You'll need:
Pressed juice (bought mine already made from Peel'd). Fresh fruit cut into tiny pieces.
I used: Guava, Peach, and berries. Side note: the guava and peaches are from my dad's garden. #proud #organic.

Adult Pops: Champagne, Orange juice, mushed strawberries (I just used a fork), additional fruit. 

Easy right?