Monday, April 10, 2017


 Scribe! Scribe! Scribe Scribe! 
Literally chanting the whole way to the winery in Sonoma. It was so beautiful and literally everything I expected it to be and more! My theme for my wedding is Spanish romantic, so this venue had my heart singing in a very theatrical voice. 
Scribe has been really raved about for many years. Heard from several folks how the wine is amazing and the vineyard/scenery was beautiful. In recent years they opened up their Hacienda, which had been abandoned from many years. The place is absolutely stunning! Every freaking corner is Insta/ photo worthy (hence why this post is so long). 
My sister actually surprised me with a planned tasting/lunch reservations for my birthday. I was elated! Not to mention authors Louesa Roebuck and Sara Londsdale from Foraged Flora were also there! The place was filled with beautiful floral arrangements! 

I 100 percent recommended a visit and the wine. I also highly advise to make reservations, as they are required.


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Birthday Weekend (Part 1)

This past weekend was my BirthDAYYYYY!! Hey!!! I'm an April 1st baby #Aprilfools , the jokes never end. I was fortunate enough to check off THREE "must-visit" places from my list. 1) Tartine Manufactory 2) The Riddler - Champagne Bar 3) Scribe Winery in Sonoma. It was a magical weekend.

On Saturday (my actual birthday) we drove up to San Francisco to have lunch at the new Tartine. We visited the old location a while back but it's so tiny, we had no desire to sit and eat, always took our pastries to-go. But this new location, it's airy, spacious, beautiful, and delicious. I do regret not purchasing the coffee beans -it's my thing, whenever I visit a cool place with good coffee I need to buy beans, it's like my souvenir. Tartine's bar area/ bread -making-station is my kitchen soulmate / inspiration. Actively looking for a reclaimed wood pillar for our remodel. Tarine is also located in the same building as Heath Ceramics, which we fell in deep love with the leather chair Juan is siting on (find pic below).
Later that night my sweet friend and her husband drove up to SF to join Juan and I at "The Riddler" aka champagne bar. Great selection, but small, extra long wait times (granted it's new, only been open a few months). Nonetheless, adorable. 

The later part of the night at The Riddler....

Scribe Winery coming soon...

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Downtown Stockton, CA

There is something so cool about Downtown Stockton. It's been deserted for several years, has tons of historical buildings, and oh so much character.  In recent years, there has been lots of new development. Businesses are starting to see the opportunity. Cool new coffee shop, Uber cool San Francisco furniture designer opened up his workshop in downtown Stockton, several new restaurants, new modern lofts, creative collaborative spaces, and my brother's campaign office was located in one of Stockton's oldest buildings (built in 1920's, vacant for a long time) decked out in marble (see here).
As a born and raised Stocktonian, I am so proud to see the city evolve. Primarily downtown which in my opinion is the coolest area in Stockton.

Also, there is something so special and traditional and hip about wearing good' ol classics no? Plain white t-shirt (Hanes!), blue jeans, and sneakers. So special. These days it's literally my uniform. Need to change it up.  

Brother's office is the pretty one with all those windows! 
t-shirt: Hanes
jeans: Gap
sneakers: Golden Goose Deluxe

Monday, March 6, 2017

Wine Tasting at LangeTwins

The other day, as I was sipping on my glass of wine, it dawned on me "Wait! Jac....start a wine series!" It was a magical moment. I mean, I love wine,  going wine tasting, and there are so many delicious / amazing places to check out in the surrounding Sacramento area. 

To start off, first visited LangeTwins Family Winery and Vineyard in Lodi, CA. Family owned and 5th generation winegrowers.
We got a private tour of the winery by the sweetest tour guide; Kendra (daughter of one of the Lange Twins). She laid some serious knowledge on us. 
Some interesting facts:
1- LangeTwins name came from twin brothers Brad and Randall Lange
2- Great-Great Grandparents migrated to Lodi from Germany an leased land to farm watermelons. In the 1930's the family purchased land that was planted to grapevines and learned to farm grapes versus pulling.
3-All throughout the winery and vineyard there are photovoltaic solar systems installed for renewable energy
4- LangeTwins harvests 27 different varietals. Zinfandel being one of them. But for their Centennial Zin, they work with a family friend to craft the 114 year old Zinfandel. My favorite 2011 Centennial Zinfandel
5- Winery has only been opened since 2006!
6- They bottle four different brands, including; LangeTwins, Caricature, Ivory and Burt, and Sand Point

Hope you enjoy!

We entered the barrel room. Where we had our private tasting. My top three favorites: 2016 Sangiovese Rosé, 2012 Midnight Reserve, and 2011 Centennial Zinfandel.

Thank you LangeTwins for your collaboration.