Monday, June 19, 2017

Jenner, CA

Oh man! Here it goes…I come to you as Mrs. Ascencio!! June 3rd, 2017 I married my best friend/ life partner! It all still feels so surreal. I’m married!!! Gosh, it feels good to say that. Not because I thought it would never happen but because it happened. Follow?
Anyway before I share wedding pictures I wanted to share our quick honeymoon getaway to Jenner, CA. I have to say it was magical. The entire thing, even the three hour drive there and the VERY limited cell service. We made a couple stops along the way  but once we hit Highway 1 it was insanely beautiful.

Our first stop; an amazing BBQ deli called Lombardi’s in Petaluma, CA. My husband (giggles) loves BBQ so naturally we decided to stop there. Man was it a good decision.
It hit the spot! Soooo good. Contemplated stopping again on our way home. He got the “Mama Lil’s” and I got the “Lee’s Special”. To refrain from drooling and judgments I  won’t describe what was in them. They also had the most extensive hot sauce selection I’ve ever seen.  Side note:  We literally consumed anything we wanted without thinking about it twice, 0 reservations and 80% of our trip was based on food. On our way home we stopped in Healdsburg CA. Cutest town and paid a mandatory visit to SHED

Stay: Timber Cove Resort in Jenner, CA
We stayed at the ever-so-cool-recently-remodeled Timber Cove Resort. We stayed in the Ocean Cove Junior Suite. We had the most EPIC views!!! We sat in our balcony for hours talking / sipping champagne/ smoking our cigar/ eating...etc... BEAUTIFUL. The entire resort is made to literally keep you.  They have the best staff, onsite restaurant COAST KITCHEN, games, views, coffee, bar....etc. Only wish for an outdoor Jacuzzi facing the ocean. But overall, we are definitely committing to visiting again on our wedding anniversary!

Activities (near Jenner, CA):
Hiking ; We hiked Salt Point trail. It is all along the California coast. Absolutely breath taking.
Kayaking : Salmon Creek in Bodega Bay (easy kayak, I was not ready for ocean) also when in Bodega Bay you must try Fisherman's Cove - Raw and Chorizo grilled- OYSTERS!!! so freaking good, best ever!
Wine Tasting: Fort Ross Winery (EPIC views while wine tasting.....need I say more?)
And everyday activity: Stare into each others eyes :-) 

Hope you enjoy!!! 

Monday, April 10, 2017


 Scribe! Scribe! Scribe Scribe! 
Literally chanting the whole way to the winery in Sonoma. It was so beautiful and literally everything I expected it to be and more! My theme for my wedding is Spanish romantic, so this venue had my heart singing in a very theatrical voice. 
Scribe has been really raved about for many years. Heard from several folks how the wine is amazing and the vineyard/scenery was beautiful. In recent years they opened up their Hacienda, which had been abandoned from many years. The place is absolutely stunning! Every freaking corner is Insta/ photo worthy (hence why this post is so long). 
My sister actually surprised me with a planned tasting/lunch reservations for my birthday. I was elated! Not to mention authors Louesa Roebuck and Sara Londsdale from Foraged Flora were also there! The place was filled with beautiful floral arrangements! 

I 100 percent recommended a visit and the wine. I also highly advise to make reservations, as they are required.


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Birthday Weekend (Part 1)

This past weekend was my BirthDAYYYYY!! Hey!!! I'm an April 1st baby #Aprilfools , the jokes never end. I was fortunate enough to check off THREE "must-visit" places from my list. 1) Tartine Manufactory 2) The Riddler - Champagne Bar 3) Scribe Winery in Sonoma. It was a magical weekend.

On Saturday (my actual birthday) we drove up to San Francisco to have lunch at the new Tartine. We visited the old location a while back but it's so tiny, we had no desire to sit and eat, always took our pastries to-go. But this new location, it's airy, spacious, beautiful, and delicious. I do regret not purchasing the coffee beans -it's my thing, whenever I visit a cool place with good coffee I need to buy beans, it's like my souvenir. Tartine's bar area/ bread -making-station is my kitchen soulmate / inspiration. Actively looking for a reclaimed wood pillar for our remodel. Tarine is also located in the same building as Heath Ceramics, which we fell in deep love with the leather chair Juan is siting on (find pic below).
Later that night my sweet friend and her husband drove up to SF to join Juan and I at "The Riddler" aka champagne bar. Great selection, but small, extra long wait times (granted it's new, only been open a few months). Nonetheless, adorable. 

The later part of the night at The Riddler....

Scribe Winery coming soon...