Tuesday, April 15, 2014

obsessive issues

t-shirt: GAP// jeans: Paige Denim// wrap shirt: Old Navy// sandals: Birkenstock// shades: Wildfox Couture

Excuse my absences and the shortness of this post. I have been dealing with some personal stuff. I left the blog unattended for quite some time but I'm back at it. 

 I am having a serious moment with wrap shit around your waist. Literally even if it looks ridiculous I still want to wrap something. I once mentioned how obsessive I am. Well that goes to show you that I am not lying. I am not a liar! Not to mention the fact I posted about Birkenstock nearly a year ago, obsessed for about a year and finally got them. Thanks to my minion sister who got them for me for my BDAY- hey [love her to pieces]. I have worn them religiously since April 1st. Again, even if it doesn't go. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014


jacket: Nordstrom BP// button-up: American Eagle// shorts: TOPSHOP// shoes: F21// clutch: Comme de Garcons// shades: Wildfox Couture// earring: Jacquie Aiche   

Friday, March 21, 2014

EL Camino

Quick Hello! My day is a little hectic this morning with a bunch of chores, errands, emails, etc. so making this short and sweet. But how rad and amazing is the location, kinda creepy. Oh the moto jacket, it's absolutely perfect/ epitome of Spring.

jacket: Urban Outfitters [borrowed from sister]// top: Brandy Melville// jeans: Urban Outfitters// shoes: Converse// shades: Wildfox Couture

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

extended l i f e

Know your onion. A phrase that came from ManRepeller meaning; know how to layer. Get it? An onion has layers. With that said, I have been pushing myself to try different layering tactics. Dresses are on my radar because we most likely stick to its natural use. On their own or maybe a cool little jacket over it. So they are the perfect item to extend their life. 
In this particular case I started off thinking I was going to wear this dress on its own. Dress like an onion, I rationalized. Step outside of your sorta predictable dressing, I said. So I started adding pieces. No surprise, I would pair fitting with baggy and sporty with sexy. 
A sexy lingerie dress with an oversized button up, leather jacket to bring it all in and add prefect amount of edginess. The slip-ons to give it that 'me' effect. I must say it was a bit out of my comfort and normal  zone but I'm pleased.

The bonus, weather has been particular bipolar so adding and removing pieces is major. 

dress: River Island// shirt: Brandy Melville// jacket: BP Nordstrom// shoes: Sam Edleman// shades: Wildfox Couture// bag: Alexander Wang// watch: Nixon

Monday, March 10, 2014

Antique Faire

Two things... maybe three. One, tote bags are totally in. Consider yourself eco-friendly while looking chic as S%*@. I carry totes to San Francisco [because they charge per shopping bags!], Antique Faire's, Farmers Markets, whenever I walk to coffee shops and don't want to carry an actual purse, etc. Two, ripping the bottom of my jeans is an obsession and getting a bit out of control. It doesn't stop at jeans. I started ripping my slack pants for work. 
Three, like I mentioned before, exploring my neighborhood/city is my thing. Sunday I caught up with two blogger friends [Haley and Vanessa] to walk through Sacramento's Antique Faire. I loved seeing all the cool gems and getting home decor inspired. Recently I stumbled across a cool little quote that read "make your home a place you want to be". Now that I have a bit more time in my hands re-decorating my apartment is another hobby. Going to the Antique Fair was perfect to get the creative juices going.

jacket: GAP// sweater: H&M// jeans: Hurley// shoes: Nike// bags: Rebecca Minkoff and tote, Forever 21// shades: Ray Ban

Thursday, March 6, 2014

e x p l o r e r

sweater: ZARA// pants: BAR III// boots: Aldo// shades: Ray Ban// rings: Sincerely Jules x Gabriela Artigas, Free People, and Mexicó [snake]

Exploring my neighborhood is my new hobby. By exploring I'm talking walking and biking, primarily walking. Coming across the cutest coffee shops, bakeries, alley ways, monumental spots, the list is endless people. Recently my job has become more flexible, so I've made it a point to go out and really enjoy my hood. Checking off the places I have always wanted to try but always had an excuse not too. One of my main things, try out a new coffee shop each day. Because we all know mama loves her coffee. I sit and really enjoy my surroundings. Most importantly, people watch. I get inspired. Sometimes I think "Jac, make your own coffee save some cash for that cool bag you want" but going out for coffee makes me happy. I've heard plenty of times 'do what makes you happy', so that's that.

P.S. This alley, I have walked by it a million times. Finally, I stopped to appreciate its beauty. I also realized some lucky person lives in it- the alley. Just kidding that cool brick loft behind me. A home, I... and you would've never known existed.

What makes you happy?

Monday, March 3, 2014


shirt: Heart Boutique [Sac local]// jeans: GAP// jacket: GAP [simliar here] // shoes: Zara// clutch: F21// shades: Ray Ban

Well...white is certainly having a moment. Whether its white white, marshmallow white, or off white, its having a moment. A white monochromatic fit is so badass. Kinda like wearing all black. But white is daring and dangerous, yet fresh. It is definitely an intimidating color but thats the daring part. You have to dare yourself outside of your comfort zone by wearing things and colors that scare you. 

Oh and can we please talk about my hair? MESS! Sometimes I am so happy with it. Other times I'm like "really? your going there?" The majority of the time I just let it be for who and what it wants to be. I don't argue. I don't get frustrated. I just let it be. But at least now I can put it up in a miniature/ bunny tail.