Tuesday, August 9, 2016


 Now that things are finally starting to settle down around here (our new home..wink), it's time to celebrate! I've been on this weird Pinto Nior Rosé kick, so I figured it'll be fun to experiment with my summer fave. I came across this particular cocktail on Pinerest. I only jotted down the ingredients on a post note, then lost it. So I don't have exact measurements. But here is what you'll will need:

1 bottle of Rosé
1 12oz can of sparkling grapefruit [used La Croix]
Gin [your choice]
Garnish: cut up grapefruit and gold raspberries

**mix all liquid ingredients together, then vu-a-la**

This is the perfect drink to host at a summer siorée, girlfriend get together, or just simply in need of a cocktail.

Thursday, July 7, 2016


Man you guys, it's been a minute...or two. But what better way to reconnect than with this super uber cheesy photo of my fiance and I in front of our HOME!!!! Like, it's literally ours!!! We pay mortgage, receive mail, bills for trash, and such to our names! It's suuuurreal. Oh, and yes I did say Fiance. ALOTS been happening. Definitely will share photos of engagement. Will say it was the most beautiful thing and feeling EVVVVVVVVVVVVVER!!! My heart sings every time I think about it, my feet start to tap dance. For lack of better words, I feel like Beyoncé. Anyway, I'll elaborate on a different post.
We've been so busy with projects and upgrades. Some are fun, others....mandatory.
Regardless of the type, I do want to keep you guys updated on the progress with our house becoming a home.
I will say this though, I am the type of person that likes to mix old with new, re-purpose old items once use for a tv console for a desk (that's an example), DIY. Speaking of, I did take in a vintage-y/dated looking dining table from my in laws and in the process of updating it. Stay tuned. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Boston, Massachusetts

 Last month my boo and I had the opportunity to visit Boston, Massachusetts. My boyfriend's brother and wife live in the city. So we figured it would be a perfect city to start exploring different states/cities within the US. Boston is absolutely charming. Everything there has a purpose, including why toilets are facing a certain way. The city is rich with history. Filled with more bars, pubs, and taverns than any other city in the country. The true Boston accent is contagious. Lots of Bostonians don't pronounce their 'R's. Since my boyfriend can't pronounce his, he fit right in. 
 We had such a good time eating, drinking, and exploring. There wasn't enough time to see it all.   I speak for the both of us by saying the city is truly a must see.


Often times, we become so infatuated with travel ideas that involve places outside the US [in this particular section I'm speaking to my US peeps/ and if your outside in other countries it still pertains] that we forget to want to explore the country we live in.  So go on little Dora's and Diego's explore your neighborhood, city, state, COUNTRY.


Thursday, August 13, 2015

NAPA daycation w/ my butterflies

DAY[cation]; a day trip. My daycation... Napa, CA. 
My cool ass job - Madam Butterfly Boutique- decided 'hey, you guys work hard, we'll reward you with a day trip to Naaaaapaaaaaa!' MIND BLOWN. Jaw on the ground. Dignity nowhere to be found. 

Let me just say I've never been to Napa, my excitement was real. Any chance I got to let people know, I would. It's all I would talk about. Like I was seriously obsessed, border line annoying. 
Also, I didn't just get my cherry popped once, but twice. We arrived to Napa in a LIMO! People, I swear I haven't been living under a rock [well, maybe]. But limo opportunities barely arose and if they did I wasn't allowed. Reason I won't discuss. 

The day went like this: 
11am; game time [aka getting picked up by limo]
12:30ish; arrived in Napa, CA.
Lost track of time; first we picked up lite lunch from the oldest grocery store in Northern California! Oakville Grocery, it is adorable. 
-Then we headed to the first winery- Elizabeth Spencer. It was the cutest boutique-ish winery. The outside sitting area was beautiful, the hostess was delightful, anddddd the wine....gorgeous. I only bought one bottle on my trip [surprisingly] but it was the prettiest tasting thing ever. It's the '2013 Elizabeth Spencer Pinot Noir Rosé Sonoma Coast'. Perfect! 
-After Elizabeth Spencer we headed to Alpha Omega. That location really made me feel like I was in Napa. It's actually on a vineyard, huge and beautiful. 
-Ended our night with a perfect dinner at Bistro Don Giovanni. Amazing food!

The experience was wonderful. Napa truly is a Disneyland for adults.
 This experience that were worth the wait. I had the most amazing time with my butterflies.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Let's Chat. Yeah?

Lately...I've been doing serious soul searching. Answering adult questions like who am I? Who do I want to be? What do I want to do? Am I living or merely existing? [Does my neighbor know my name?] Basic, fundamental human questions to ask ourselves. In my case, I haven't ever fully answered them with confidence. Maybe I was scared or I wasn't really ready to commit to my answers. Either way, I've been in a weird funk so I decided to revisit these questions again. But this time answering truthfully and prepared for whatever my answers are.

Along my very serious search there has been multiple Jaclyn personalities. One day I'm cool, the next sad, confused, frustrated, excited. I mean, my boyfriend is about ready to diagnose me with bipolar disorder. And/or check me into a mental institution. Joking! But maybe he's thought about it. Idk.

Anyway, I guess what I really want to say is that I'm searching for myself. Cliché. Not saying I'm a lost soul, just searching for the better me. If that makes sense? I want to improve myself. Be happy and really enjoy the things that I do without worrying about if it's going to please someone else. Essentially I want to "Be The Girl" as Jennifer Lopez has been fiercely hashtagging [#bethegirl].
-up to one's own interpretation- 

One of the many things I thought about was re-purposing my blog. I want to do more than just post photos of myself in outfits. There's millions us of out there already. Frankly, I don't enjoy it that much. 95% of the time I feel too oily to shoot anyway. There will still be outfit post. However, I want to take a new direction- like today's post for example. Just...talk, fashion, life, food.

It'll be a journey.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Crop Top

I frequently visit my family in my hometown Stockton, CA. Which has a really bad rep. It's known for crime, drugs, and us gangsters. People are scared, makes sense. But above all Stockton is home, full of memories, good ones too. When there, I like to cruise through our abandoned downtown. I find a lot of character there. Like this cool flag I was able to shoot in front of. And the good thing a lot of positive change is happening. #proud!

Typically crop tops are not my thing. They remind me of teenagers or young college girls. Holy shit I just aged myself!!!! I'm in my twenties, swear. Mainly, truth is a little insecurity.  Although I am small, my stomach is my biggest issue. Let's just say it's not smooth.  Anyway, the hell with insecurities, if I don't accept it other people wont. Nobody's perfect. Crop tops are at the top of my shopping list. I went from none to 4 (exactly) real quick. Perfect paired with high waist bottoms!

top: Topshop// shorts: GAP// sandals: Cynthia Vincent// bag: Nordstrom// shades: Celine (sister's)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Three things; none of which I'm zooming in on, literally, because I'm talking about in my pictures.  Nonetheless THREE things. But before I get into those. Summer, I don't like! I really don't. Monday was our first real encounter and I sweated through three outfits (I'm not lying either). 
Back to three. This summer season I prepared my must haves. Really did my research on the things I needed and wanted. One of the things I needed were a new pair of sunglasses. As we seen in almost every blog and highlighted on every major shopping site, clear frames are a total must have. Most have colored lens, those weren't really my vibe. So I found the perfect clear frames with gold accents, and brownish lens. Win. Second, sandals. Every season I feel like I have to add a new pair, like my staple sandal. I kid you not, I was searching since last summer for my perfect one. I finally found my absolute favorite gladiator-wear-all-summer-sandal. I know it's my favorite because I would definitely buy the same one in a different color.  They're so subtle and sleek. Three, my little nug, my YSL monogramme camera bag. Every girl (and guy) should invest in a good quality-don't want to sound pretentious- designer bag. I recommend buying one that is season-less, one you could pass down, a designers' staple-it-bag. A mini bag was essential for me this summer. It just was. You know?

What are you musts for the summa?

hat: (my sister's)// shades: Le Specs// shirt: from México (also my sister's)// shorts: American Eagle// bag: Saint Laurent// sandals: Cynthia Vincent.