Friday, December 12, 2014


Just a quick HI, HELLO, HOLA, BONJOUR! 
Kinda ready for the Holidays. Can't you tell by my beanie! Dinosaurs in santa gear! Peeps, I'M READY (Kevin Hart voice) 

beanie: ASOS// sweater and jeans: H&M//booties: American Eagle Outfitters// jacket: Express// bag: ZARA

Monday, December 8, 2014

Apple Cider Sangria

Ever since my family finally saw me old enough to consume alcohol (which happened last year, btw I'm 25), I've been in charge of bringing booze to the holiday get togethers. Typically I'm pretty basic, just bring wine. But this year I wanted to wow them. Spent a few hours on Pinterest, came across this Apple Cider Sangria (recipe here), moderated by adding a couple dashes on ground cinnamon...crucial! And BOOOM! B-I-N-G-O! It was the most amazing sangria I have ever tasted and made. Literally taste like the holidays in your mouth. I've made it a a couple times more after Thanksgiving. It's that mind blowing. 
Seriously, TRY! 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

a gift guide for two

Untitled #42

Nowadays when my family asks what I want for christmas it's no longer singular. It's more like "what should I get you and Juan?" Like if I don't want a Celine bag or a butter soft leather jacket. In which it would obviously only benefit me.
Maybe you've been hit with the same question. If so, how do you deal? Or maybe you have a couple on your christmas list. I have gathered a list of things that could help you kill two birds with one stone.
My boo and I typically have different taste but we almost always agree on drinks! Coffee and a good cocktail, especially whiskey.
Coffee in the morns, while we snuggle. Drinks in the afternoon enjoying some beats while I watch him cook.

  1. Starbucks french press 
  2. J.Crew blanket
  3. Nespresso espresso machine 
  4. Woodford Reserve
  5. Tovolo Ice Molds 
  6. Cocktail Shaker

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Get' em Tiger

Ever since I moved to downtown Sacramento and started blogging I knew I wanted to shoot with this tiger mural behind me. It literally took 2 years, but finally it's off my blogging bucket list. It's so badass and in a weird way reminds me of Australia. In which I so desperately want to go to. I stalk (not ashamed to admit) every australian fashion blogger, artist, brand, and buy almost every imported snack. I'm also trying really hard to dress australian. 

 jacket: Express// turtleneck: GAP// jeans: GAP// shoes: New Balance (Nordstrom)// hat: Cuffs Boutique

Thursday, November 27, 2014

When in San Francisco (inspo)

Whenever I'm in San Fran I feel like a different person. My skin glows because it loves the SF weather, my style changes matching the vibe of the city, and my attitude is on another level. I almost feel like I'm all that...? 
 I love to wear all black when in the city. It just makes me feel like I'm part of the city, probably 85% of San Franciscans wear all black. Again, part of the city. And I get this cool girl vibe.  And to tell you the truth, lately all black is my preferred look. 
Below are a few inspo looks that just feel/look like SF. Enjoy!

Hope you guys have a wonderful, full of love, and thanks-giving day!!!


Sunday, November 23, 2014

the exception

This multi-colored-furry thing just makes my gloomy It's my one stand out piece, non practical, but it's perfect. Don't you think? 
Honest...I'm not much of a red colored girl, let alone in fur! I think it makes me look like an intense bean, proud an all but still red is just not my vibe. This coat is the exception though. 

hat: F21//t-shirt: Brandy Melville// jacket: UNIF// boots: Aldo// (Starbucks: Skinny Peppermint Mocha...FAVE)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

holiday makeup inspo

As the Holidays are quickly approaching I cant help but think of my outfit. What I am going to wear? How will I do my makeup? Do I want sparkle? Maybe I want casual, so I can eat lots? The thought process and  process of elimination that goes into Holiday outfits. Unreal (insert huge sigh). This holiday season I want to do something that's unexpected from me. So scratch the sparkle.  I am leaning more towards neutral, casual, elegant, soft. 
The second thought I had after knowing I wanted to do something unexpected for the holidays, was MAKEUP. I want to do something really soft, neutral, elegant. Minimal makeup. Either a cool eyeliner or mascara with medium bold lip. Simple. No fuss, but still look put together and well seasoned (pun intended). 

Do you put this much thought into your Holiday outfits/makeup? If, so share your thoughts!

*All photos retrieved from Pinterest*