Friday, January 30, 2015

México diary 1 (Jaripo, Michoacan edition)

It's been a while. I just came back from México after not visiting for 7 years. Sadly my Mexican bender is over. But O-M-G was it the most incredible/beautiful/perfect trip.
When I was baby bean I used to visit Mexico every year. My fondest memories were when we would visit where my mama was born (in a hallway, so she claims) a small town called Jaripo, Michoacan during the fiestas of the Virgin de Guadalupe. It was like a Virgin Mary Coachella festival. Music, car parades, culture, food and drinks!
So after several years of not visiting I forgot how charming the town actual was. Absolutely mesmerizing. So alive, vibrant, and full of color. Below are some moments I captured- enjoy!
Oh and more to come.

PS I will have more photo diaries of other places I visited during my visit to México! So stayed tuned.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

oh ponchó

We all have mixed feelings about ponchos; in all honesty I love them! I wish I had more. Obviously I get the most compliments from senior citizens but its fine. We vibe. Some are pretty funny, including my grandparents. TANGENT! Ponchos are great. 

Getting a cool poncho is obviously important because that will determine who you will vibe with. For me, this one screamed well...ME! I love black and the print ties in yet another cool element (you know in addition to it being a poncho). Although, senior citizens are going to be my main peeps, maybe, just maybe, I'll vibe with the cool kids. 

poncho: Forever 21// jeans, booties, and bag: ZARA// shades: Wildfox

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dark, love, convenience

 So many things going on here. One, my hair is darker! Two, panda fur alert! Three, clearly I only own ONE bag! 
I feel like I've had lots of different hair styles but I have to say, by far, this one is my favorite. The color, the cut... I mean just perfect! Not to mention its glossy as heck! Which is definitely a bonus to us curly haired women. My hair is typically so dry! So, HUGE thanks to my little cousin for my new do! Love it. 
Now my fur! Some say it looks like a panda (thanks sister), others say skunk (wont say who- but it hurt), I say...idk but I love it! It's like I'm a walking exclamation point... statement! And really ever since I've taken off the tags its like the only jacket I own. I'm seriously a repeat offender. Which brings me to my bag! I got it from ZARA during their black friday sale and since then I have not switched bags once! Well expect when I'm running errands in which I switch to a tote! Anyway, I love this bag its compartmented perfectly and has a long strap to throw over my shoulder. I guess the convenience of it makes me happy. 

So what are some of your on-repeat items? Huh? Share!

jacket: H&M// t-shirt: Racks Boutique (in Sacramento, CA)// jeans: Rag and Bone// bag & booties: ZARA// shades: Wildfox

Sunday, January 4, 2015

new denim

About damn time I get a new denim jacket. I mean. My old one was literally falling apart just hanging on the hanger. Sure I've had it since high school and is perfectly worn in but I cant remember the last time I washed it without being worried about it falling apart. 

This Christmas I was one lucky girl. My sugar boo gifted me the most perfect denim jacket. He was obviously embarrassed to be seen with me wearing it. The jacket has pockets, perfect color, wonderful length. Seriously not enough good things. 
 Thanks boo! 

 jeans & jacket: J. Crew// sweater: GAP// t-shirt: Madam Butterfly// boots: Born// bag: Zara

Thursday, January 1, 2015

serious business

Whoooaa!!! Where did 2014 go? 
I mean, that just happened way too fast. Although I feel like I say that about every year, this time I really mean it! I don't miss 2014. I'm all about new. But I will say this; it was definitely a year of personal growth, learning, and emotional development. 

Not one to say this but 2015 is my year. I have so much desire to continue evolving, learning, and growing that I have set out some serious goals for myself with a "can achieve" attitude. And as one of my fave bloggers mantra's goes "Dream, Believe, Achieve".  Def adopting for 2015.
Since I am taking 2015 serious. I have to dress the par.