Friday, October 24, 2014

West Vibes

I call this one the Kanye. 
Kanye West vibes people! Kanye West. All black looks with ripped jeans at the knee and add a neutral colored shoe. Boom. And I'm almost 100 percent sure we can all pull out simple all black looks from our closet. The simplicity of all black but statement is real people! 

shirt: F21// bra: H&M// jeans: Hurley// sneakers: Converse// shades: Ray Ban

Sunday, October 19, 2014


You know, I'm not one to brag. But every now and then, especially when confidence needs a little boosting, I brag. Maybe, you already know where I'm getting. If you don't... I'm talking about having tiny boobs. 

Growing up, I was hopeful I would eventually get some goods. Religiously prayed for a chance to develop my lady lumps in all the right places. I'm telling you, I waited to years, even after puberty. 
 Once I was in college I came to an understanding that some things are just not going to happen (at least naturally). It was hard to accept. Especially when your little sister is getting that 'Coke' or 'Kim K' body that you desperately wanted.  I often ask her "how does it feel to have big boobs?" I live bi-curiously through her.  

Anyway about my bragging. Since my boobs are small, I really don't have to worry about looking too hoochie when in reality I'm trying to be Jenna Lyons. Because as you know wearing button-ups almost unbuttoned is totally IN right now. Which is why having small boobs is a benefit. So, braggggg. 

The outfit? I'm wearing this to meet girlfriends or boo for drinks. Perhaps a party, small shindig (no pun intended). I wrapped a jean jacket around my waist just in case it gets chilly and I want to tone down all that seduction, low plunge/skin tight skirt. 

shirt: GAP// skirt: Nordstrom// jacket: F21// sandals: Zara

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Silky scarfs, making a major comeback. And I am a full supporter. In fact, I think everyone should go out and purchase one. Borrow it from your mama's or grandma's closet. They will create such an interesting element to your outfit. 

My favorite way to wear the scarf is by wrapping it around once, then tying in the back. 

scarf: thrifted// shirt: GAP// skirt: F21// sneakers: New Balance// shades: Wildfox Couture

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Coat check

Coat check

Guys, I kinda sound like a broken record BUT I- like the majority of fashion lovers- looove Fall. It's the perfect time of year.  Holidays are near, pumpkin spice, peppermint, gingerbread lattes, cool weather, layers of clothing, not to mention the hunt for the perfect coat. Which mind you, I've been looking for the perfect one for years. I always push it off by buying other things. Unfortunately I cant have it all... yet.

Anyway, all these coats are on my wish list. All for different reasons.
Topshop:'s necessary. The perfect color, looks elegant, and this color on a coat looks expense! Right?
Finder Keepers: need I really say more???
Madewell: the most perfect military coat I've ever laid eyes on. The zippers, mid-high collar, the contrast. Literally makes my knees weak.
Loose Candy: my favorite color. Plus, this forest green is an "it" color for fall.
Rag & Bone: pattern to elevate any outfit. I can see myself wearing all black underneath and then boom - pattern!
Awww and finally, the Investment piece, the black coat. The Row: not because my favorite sisters of all time are the designers but because it's a timeless and classic piece. You could literally pass it down for generations. And if you don't but any other coat ever, you'll be set forever w just this one! 

Monday, October 13, 2014

on duty

This is my "on duty" look, meaning work fit. To me wrap dresses are so elegant and professional and classy and just...uh right. Years go when I would see these dresses, either in magazines or on an actual person, I would fantasies about the day I would wear one. Although I desperately wanted a DVF one, I settled for a Forever 21 dress, still wraps.
 However, Diane Von Furstenberg gets women, is proud of women. And I truly feel that her signature dresses are a representation of that. Which is why I still desperately want one. Eventually. 

dress & necklace: F21// shoes: Zara//bag: Louis Vuittion// shades: Wildfox Couture

Thursday, October 9, 2014

heart filled with envy

I'm pretty sure we've all, at one point, said to ourselves "if only work would let me wear whatever the hell I wanted and it'd be appreciated." For those of you who DO wear whatever the hell you want and is appreciated...stink eye goes to you! JK. Actually I envy you. I wish I was you, really I do. 

As I was going through Free People's Instagram/ their blog I see how their employees dress and not only does my jaw drop but my heart fills with envy. Why must they dress so perfect? Every single employee, right down to the receptionist who checks you in their headquarter building.  Seriously! who's with me?

One time while I was furiously obsessing over FP I stumbled across a girl who was dress INcredible! She had on a black lace slip, a cool vintage t-shirt, and beautiful beach weaves. Again, mouth open and heart filled with envy. So this was my attempt to be her. 

jacket: sister's (F21)// t-shirt: Harley Davidson (from local boutique, RACKS)//skirt: (originally a dress) River Island// heels: Victoria Secret

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

TBD music festival with City Scout

 Sacramento is not only the capitol of the great State of California, it also has many historic landmarks, amazing people, restaurants,  endless entertainment and nooooow even a music festival!!! Don't say anything, take a moment to process this information. 

My friend(s) over at City Scout invited me to share what I would wear to the TBD music festival. I teamed up with a local Sacramento boutique to style an outfit of what I would wear. 
I chose this little two piece because bright, festive, and sexy. Low cuts and short shorts. What's not to love. A little denim jacket, in case it gets cold and most importantly sneakers! I can't stress enough how important comfortable shoes are. I've been to Coachella, I wore booties and I was dying! Sneakers are definitely a must a music festival, along with sunglasses and a few jewls! Anyway read my article on City Scout (here).