Monday, April 10, 2017


 Scribe! Scribe! Scribe Scribe! 
Literally chanting the whole way to the winery in Sonoma. It was so beautiful and literally everything I expected it to be and more! My theme for my wedding is Spanish romantic, so this venue had my heart singing in a very theatrical voice. 
Scribe has been really raved about for many years. Heard from several folks how the wine is amazing and the vineyard/scenery was beautiful. In recent years they opened up their Hacienda, which had been abandoned from many years. The place is absolutely stunning! Every freaking corner is Insta/ photo worthy (hence why this post is so long). 
My sister actually surprised me with a planned tasting/lunch reservations for my birthday. I was elated! Not to mention authors Louesa Roebuck and Sara Londsdale from Foraged Flora were also there! The place was filled with beautiful floral arrangements! 

I 100 percent recommended a visit and the wine. I also highly advise to make reservations, as they are required.


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