Monday, February 3, 2014

China Town, San Francisco

I was serious when I said I was desperately wanting to be a San Francisco resident. I mean, what is there not to love? Go out shopping, hang out by the beach, eat and sip at cutest lunch and coffee shops, be adorable. AND you get to explore different countries [within a few block radius] and cultures without traveling more than 10 miles!!! 
Recently my mom, sister, and aunt [its my thing to name everyone who went including those who didn't and;busy, brother; video games, bf; working] took a girls trip to the city and decided to explore China Town. I was so amazed at how many little shops there was, full of adorable trinkets. I literally felt like I was in a little town of china. I thought to myself 'why haven't I been here before, and why don't I live in SF?' Stop me if I'm getting annoying with SF residency desperation.

Whenever I go to the city I always double bag it. One of them has to be a cross body. I usually do a lot of walking and prefer to carry something light, no fuss. The other bag is a canvas tote. SF charges per shopping bag...annoying, but cool. So I like to carry a cool printed tote to add something extra to my outfit. 

Let me know your site recommendations for next time I'm in the city!

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