Saturday, February 8, 2014


sweater: Sincerely Jules// jeans: H&M// shoes: Vans// hat: Asos// bag: vintage Gucci

Look, its no surprise I tend to dress more on the casual side. I like it, its me. Don't get me wrong, every now and then I put on some heels, other times I dress sexy, bored line hoochie [mainly for my boo]. But I have always been in a believer in being comfortable in what I am wearing. So that entails, oversized sweaters, slip-ons or sneakers, and the -loved by all boyfriends, husbands, lovers, etc- boyfriend jeans. I also believe that casual can be chic, presentable, and well...fashionable. Can I get a 'Get 'em  Miss Andrade'?? 

The bike, how adorable? This gem was left abandoned in my parents garage, so like any good kid trying to relief my parents from cluster I took it. All I need is a basket, cup holder, and a bell.
Having this bike will totally result in more casual outfits. Sorry. 


  1. Hey Doll,

    I have a Gucci handbag that I resued from my mother's closet. It needs minor restoration, do you have any idea who I can go to for that?

  2. Love this outfit! The bike really sets it off, too. :)