Tuesday, February 18, 2014

worn 'em since high school

jacket: Mango// shirt: F21// pants: Madewell// sneakers: Puma [oldies, high school]// shades: Ray Ban

I love when you can still wear clothes or shoes that you've got when in high school [or younger]. It could only mean that you have remained the same size since high school! Which I don't mind at all. It actually makes me feel real good. Now the only thing I do question; is wearing the same clothes size better or shoes? In this particular case I am wearing oldie shoes. So for the sake of making myself feel good, I think both are equally as satisfying [clothes and shoes]. I almost let these Puma's go, they just felt out dated. Thankfully I reconsidered that ridiculous thought and kept them, obviously. 
They have the perfect color for Spring and are extremely comfortable.

As you can probably tell by now, I am one of those girls women that will choose comfort over anything. By that I mean sneakers, flats, or boots are my go to. Realistically I would be playing you if I would photograph in heels all the time. And truth is I love the challenge of wearing sneakers with more formal wear instead of your traditional sports gear. I've probably said that before but thats how you know I mean it. 

P.S. I am exploring Old Sacramento. Which I get to go whenever my mama is in town. She's obsessed with caramel apples. There's a cute chocolate shop that has the best apples known to mankind.

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