Thursday, February 20, 2014

UBER wants to drive your fashionable self to SAC Fashion Week

Alexander Wang Fashion Show, photo via New York Observer

Can you actually say you have or will experience Fashion Week without being driven there? Can you? Huh? No, you can’t. Sure yellow cabs get the job done, but they are not as cool as an UBER rideAll the mega cool fashion bloggers, editors, and designers are using UBER. Let’s just say Alexander Wang partnered with UBER for NYFW 2014. MAJOR! So why on earth would you show up to a fashion show in anything less than UBER.  I wouldn’t get it. 

This year, UBER Sacramento has partnered up with SAC Fashion Week to drive your fancy ass to the shows. The most exciting news, if you’re new to UBER you’ll get One Free Ride(up to $25 off)! But for those of you who have been with the program and used [and will use] UBER  you can enter a contest to win $100 in UBER credits. So not only will you be driven to SAC Fashion Week you can use UBER to drive you and your gf’s to girls’ night or wherever.

So go on, download the app and reserve your fresh ride!

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