Monday, February 24, 2014

if only...

coat: Cuffs [local Sac boutique]// button-up: F21// pants: Urban Outfitters// heels: Victoria Secret// bag: Alexander Wang

Sometimes I look back on some outfits and think "SHIT! If only I had added _______, my outfit would have been prime!" This outfit was one of those times. If only I would've added a colored lip! Damn it. Imagine it,  a red velvety or matte lip, or red orange, or purple. Lips seriously are an accessory. Not to mention the less is more factor. Instead of piling on tons of jewelry, keep it simple with a colored lip. 

Let me know what kind  of 'If only' moments you've had. 


  1. Those printed shoes look awesome with this outfit!

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  2. i love how the heels adds an original touch to your outfit :)
    Emma's little box