Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What I've been waiting for

sweater: F21// jacket: GAP// skirt: ZARA// sneakers: Converse// bag: Alexander Wang// shades: Ray Ban

Ever since I got this skirt, which was a while back, I've been wanting to pair it with a cool low-key sweatshirt. Ideally I wanted to wear a band or this cool BeyoncĂ© one. The combo of a fun-girly-floral print skirt paired with a low-key sweater just blows my mind. It's definitely me. Since my band sweater was already planned for another outfit and I have yet to order my BeyoncĂ© sweatshirt, I used the next best alternative. It's still me. 

Can we also talk about the new me? The new me is totally into wrapping pieces around my waist. I know, I'm beyond late on the trend. BUT I was holding off. Fighting the urge to be a trend groupie! Clearly I'm fighting to be someone I'm not. Which then means I need to accept who I am... an occasional trend groupie. sigh. 

On a much more pleasant note, my hair is getting longer. And I'm really exploring my town of Sacramento, discovering a lot of beautiful locations to shoot for my blog. I'm shooting outside the convention center. 


  1. Love how fun and flirty this outfit is!

  2. Cool outfit!! love your bag!

  3. Cute skirt! Love the cazsh look.