Sunday, September 29, 2013

let's go there.

Loeffler Randall

Can we go there? I mean where else would we go right? If you're confused as to where I am going with this, I'm talking 'it' designer Loeffler Randall. Mesmerizing stuff.
I stumbled upon this stuff a while back and since then been eyeing well... everything! Every single piece seems to be perfectly crafted with an impeccable structure. Simple with amazing details. Just beyond amazing. The 'Octavia' high top sneaker, 'Fenton Buckle' bootie, and the 'Locker' tote bag are seriously the death of me and the apple of my eyes! I find myself constantly checking the site just to make sure my TOP items aren't sold out! Pathetic, I know. It's only because I haven't been able to pull the trigger, not by choice.

I must admit the Octavia's didn't turn my head twice. But like I mentioned before I constantly check the site. So after a few visits I started to play a scenario in my head. Picture it, I'm walking down the street in a cool lil' sweater dress (obsessed with them, btw) and some rad/badass lookin' sneakers. Um... hi my name is 'cool'. For sure turning heads in these bad boys. Maybe it's the funky prints or the boyish looking structure. Whatever the reason, I'm head over heels! As the scenario played on I added a bag. Which bags are not really my thing but the color combo and structure of this bag screamed elegant/edgy/fantastic. Then I thought how amazing it would be to have matching boots. Dorky, maybe even a little outdated, but I don't give a s**t. The scenario in my head was too cool to think about the 'dorky/outdated' consequences.

Of course I could go on about the rest of my scene but I wont go there. Instead I'll let you be but make sure to stop by again soon!

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