Thursday, October 3, 2013

what's in my bag?

The bigger the bag, the more shit I carry. 
My mom always threatens I will have shoulder problems before I turn 30. She says "just ask your tia, she suffers a lot now because she carried big heavy bags like you". Mind you, whenever I do see my aunt she's in huge bags. Maybe it's not heavy but still. Latin mothers and their exaggerated stories. All I say to her is "go big or go home ma!" jk. 

You see my problem of carrying so much unnecessary crap started at a VERY young age. One, I have always been the type to get excited about school supplies and stationary. I felt the need to make my mom buy me every single item on the 'back-to-school checklist' Target provided. Even when she argued otherwise. Stating I do this every year and I didn't need so much crap! The nerve. Second, if at all times I didn't carry my ENTIRE pencil/pen, sticker, Lisa Frank and Hello Kitty collection I felt...naked/incomplete. So at a young age I learned the importance in finding the perfect bag that fits all my needs. One glorious year, in elementary school, I found the perfect backpack. It was see-thru, had many pockets, and was purely amazing. It was like "hey look at all the cool stuff I carry" without actually saying it. 

I guess an obsession to know what people carried in their bags blossomed from my see-thru backpack. Plus I have to admit, I am occasionally nosey. I have to know! But so I don't leave you wondering, I still do carry a bunch of stuff that I can leave at home but without it I feel...naked/incomplete.
Here is all the stuff I carry in my Alexander Wang purse, on the daily.

  • Man Repeller's hilarious book. Every once in while I get bored and I made an oath to read more books.
  • Notebook. I constantly have genius ideas so I have to jot them down. 
  • Pens, to jot down genius ideas.
  • Louis Vuitton wallet. I know a lot of women who don't care about wallets but for me it's mandatory I have a nice one.
  • Trader Joe's dried mango. I have a major sweet tooth. Helps me fight the urge to eat candy. 
  • Watermelon flavored Gum. I'm in a watermelon phase right now, as you can maybe tell by my pen (ps it's scented).
  • Comme Des Garcons leather pouch. To carry more shit! I literally carry 10-15 lip products, which must be in nude-ish tones. Idk why, its just my thing.

Not pictured is my phone, sunglasses and more snacks! I am a huge snacker.

I would love to see what's in your bag. Leave a link in the comments or attach a photo! 


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  2. I always love "What's in my Bag" posts! Yours is so great and that bag is on my wishlist. Great post!


  3. Um, you are perfect & I am so thankful I found your blog!

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