Tuesday, September 10, 2013

men: style diploma

mens watches

Men, for a very long time I considered your style umm... effortless (literally). When I was younger I always thought how easy it was to be a guy. Everything is so easy for you guys. You dont have to worry about female problems, emotional issues, gossip, and styling with tons of elements.
See, I thought it was easy for you because we as women have to think about EVERYTHING when we get ready! The hair,  make-up, clothing, shoes, bags, jewels, etc. But then after much thought and rationalization I realized you may have it harder. Since you have less distracting elements you have to get every single detail of your outfit right. Do you feel the pressure? Do you?

One piece I tend to pay the most, if not all, attention to is men watches. Wearing a watch with your fit instantly adds a huge oomph. A cool man vibe, if I must say. A diploma for your style graduation.
But again, you have to get it right. I cant really deal when men are wearing dress watches with a casual outfit. Leather and rubber bands are more appropriate for casual looks. If styled right MAYBE a metal watch. So in other words; own two watches! One for causal wear and a formal type.

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