Friday, August 9, 2013

all black date night

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There is something so amazingly Kanye West about wearing all black. Even if your not a Kanye fan you have to admit his style is sick. But this isn't about looking like Kanye, it's about looking like a chic-badass couple. Power couple, to say the least. This will totally work if your going on a date, just call to coordinate outfits. It might be awkward if its a first date, but if he or she doesn't agree, cancel the date. They have no sense of style and are not that into you nor should you be into them.

Seriously, for some reason I now affiliate the color black as extremely fashionable.
Don't ask why, I don't know why, it just happened.
And I have been buying hella black. Perhaps due to the idea that it's chic. I blame pinterest, streetstyle pins.

Now the idea is to keep it simple, sleek, and chic. Chic also works for men. Remember the saying "less is more" it was intended for this outfit. Do not over accessorize.
Maybe easier for men to understand this. Only because they don't have to deal with jewelry, makeup, purses, hair, etc.
Wear fitted items, the only item that should  be kinda loose is tops, this is for both men and women.
Hope you guys enjoy your weekend!

Random Fact: I'm getting into rap music, I have no idea what they are rapping about, I just like the beat : The Game, "See no evil"

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