Thursday, August 1, 2013


shirt: Old Navy// jeans: GAP//sandals: Sam Edelman (similar here) // bag: Rebecca Minkoff (real cool one here)// shades: Ray Ban

I am notorious for repeating the same look 10 times in a row. It's like I'm sprung. 
Denim on Denim is my thing, never fails me. I am sure everyone has a thing that always works for them. Sometimes it could go unnoticed. But let me suggest you sit in front of your closet or go through your instagram check what your wear the most and thats "your" thing/look. Also please do remember there is nothing wrong with a 'thing' as long as you mix it up. By mixing it up, I mean change the color hues, fit, style. For example, pair a loose chambray shirt with distressed skinny jeans, visa-versa. 

This look seemed so different, to me. I usually wear my jeans fitted. Though lately I've been into baggy boyfriend jeans that aren't too baggy but still loose. I find that GAP has some of the most perfectly loose boyfriend jeans. Completely rockin' my world. I paired my boyfriend's with a loose chambray. I felt like a little tomboy not to mention the fact that I do have short hair that very closely resembles a helmet!  SO maybe I looked like a cool little boy that was going to ride a bicycle. Either way I enjoyed this look helmet hair and all. 

PS. on a really random note; on repeat, literally, is Wale ft. Sam Dew: Love Hate Thing 


  1. Double denim and the androgynous look is my favourite - you look so cool!

  2. wow I really like your sandals!

  3. love !