Wednesday, July 24, 2013

flower mart

sweater: UO (similar here and here)// jeans: Levi's (similar here) // belt: thrifted (similar here)// boots: Born (similar here and here)

 Just in case you were wondering, I beyond love flowers.
I always have fresh flowers in our place. Even if I have to pick them from my neighbors house (w/o them knowing). They instantly add a cool "I'm alive" vibe. So great.

About a week ago my good friend Chelsie, whom is the cutest florist/ diva/ fashionista/ antique hoarder I know (ps she has a blog! check here) invited me to San Francisco's Flower Mart. I died. Kid in a candy store. I legitimately didn't know what to do with myself. Choosing was probably one of the hardest things I had to do. I actually forgot the name of the ones I did take home (fail!).

The down fall, I was up since 3am!! I am not familiar with the florist/ flower world so I had no idea why in the hell I had to be up that early, but I was. Talk about flower power. In efforts to look semi cute at an hour that is unfamiliar to me and blend in with florist, I wore something warm and comfortable. As I was recommended to do so.
A cool lightly torn graphic sweatshirt, medium washed skinnies jeans (which I destroyed only at the ankles adds an extra oomph), lace up boots, amazing Ralph Lauren inspired belt, felt like the perfect outfit.

ps. pardon the blurriness, took all photos with an iPhone.


  1. Woooow love flowers!

  2. All the flowers look so pretty!

    xo Jennifer