Wednesday, July 17, 2013

must haves (men edition)

military jacket for men is much like for women an "IT" item.  It's an easy casual wearable piece that transitions from season to season. 

 ALLL Black Everything.  An all black look is classic, chic, edgy, and grungy. Obviously you can wear sneakers or maybe skip the hat. Totally depending on your style. But all black is man sexy.

CAMO!!! A total given but just in case you've been hiding in a cage somewhere far away.
Camo pants are a must.  A pair can solve your wardrobe problems any day. 
 Short Shorts are not just for the ladies anymore. Anything below the knee is no longer cool. This guy rocked the look like no bodies  business. I mean wearing shorties will not only elongate your legs but it will also show that muscle...more.   

Traditional gone wild is what I call this look. A white T and jeans is as traditional as wearing red, white, and blue on fourth of July. No matter how simple the look is, it's still impeccable. True classic. Take your fit to another level by layering with printed pieces. 

Photos via Pinterest

Lets just state the obvious. I have not been posting for men. I really have no excuse. I am still a man style lover. Maybe it's just I was being favorable towards my own sex. However, the style of these men kinda made me rekindle the love.
 Would it be creepy if I recreate these exact looks for me??? 
Maybe the question really is "are men recreating women looks for themselves?"
I wonder. 

With that said, men, in your closet you should have:

Fits you should try:
All black everything
white T, jeans, and unexpected print for layering.

BTW this is just for warmer days.