Tuesday, July 9, 2013

s h o e trend

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Birkenstock...whhaaat??? There's no way right. 
Weird, unattractive, yet so comfortable. But too ugly to be considered. Until maybe about a year ago when fashion power house Céline created something very similar with FUR. Fancy. However, the thought of having fur in between my toes (while they sweat, gross) is not appealing nor is it practical.
Instead Birkenstock whom has been around since before dinosaurs is kinda making a more visible scene in the fashion world. It's a fashion challenge. Only the stylish will survive.

Let's be real, after wearing heels all day long or in heels constantly gets tiring. A pair of Birkenstocks is like heaven, clouds to your feet, jam to your peanut butter. It just feels better. And if you could pull off wearing Birkens your like... mega stylish.

Will you wear Birkenstocks?


  1. my heart says yes, but my mind wales "noooooo"

    they're charming and comfortable, but after a day of heels a birkenstock with make your legs look stubby to the mirror!

    I'm torn, but great post!

  2. Love your post but not the Birkenstock. I did buy one pair on impulse few months ago and...um...let's just say they never got out of the box. xx


  3. Love all these!


  4. Holy hell, no effing way. I can't believe these hideous critters have been resurrected. They will NEVER be chic. I get that comfort is essential, but so are your eyes, how can anyone's eyes tolerate such sheer ugliness? make...it.. stop!!

    P.s. Great blog!! Would you like to follow each other?


  5. I think Mary Kate's (or Ashley's or both Mary Kate and Ashley because they may be in a twin mood) are twerking their way towards fashionable. And the second picture - I can dig.

    Cool discussion.