Thursday, December 8, 2016

BEAUTY: What makes you feel beautiful?

 Let's talk beauty. Shall we?
 I'm sure we are all familiar with the ever so famous question; "when do you feel the most beautiful?"
I've heard multiple answers like; after getting hair done, after a workout, while dripping sweat, while wearing red lipstick, endless answers. What I love about this question, it's personal, it's unique, what's whatever you want it to be, and most importantly it should be honest.
My answer.....after getting my mustache waxed and my brows groomed. There is something so liberating, so magical, so sexy about an a unhairy lip and groomed brows. I literally feel like I can conquer the world. Like Beyoncé per say. It's the best feeling money can buy.

Funny story; I had no time to go to my usual wax bar. I settled, went to local nail salon asked for a wax, which is always super uncomfortable. Seems as though every single nail salon has the same protocol -you walk in and in front of everyone- they ask "what do you need?" and they don't just settle for "wax" you have to be really specific in front of like ten customers all starring at you. "LIIIIIPPPPP" damn it! So after I finally get to the chair. The lady helping me tells me to open my eyes and look at my strip as she proceeds to say "so hairy huh!". I wasn't even embarrassed, I'm lying I was totally embarrassed. The nerve she had.

If your a Sacramento, CA local my favorite place [I'm a member]: Sleek Wax Bar! So good.

So, please tell me.....What makes you feel beautiful?

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