Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Women's Whiskey and Cigars

Whiskey and Cigars...Masculine and Cool…Jazzy and Smoky…Powerful and Floral...
Sets of synonyms that come to mind when I reflect back on this shoot. 
From the moment my girlfriend Haley asked me to be in this shoot, I started practicing my "cool girl" cigar and whiskey hold. I'm not joking. At some point I even started unconsciously doing it at work with my stir straw and coffee mug. I know this because my coworker called me out, the nerve. 

Once the shoot actually happened I felt super cool and bossy. I mean, whiskey and cigars. BUT I don't smoke [only tired smoking a cigar once in Tahoe when I got engaged…tangent]. 
In all seriousness, what was really cool, to me, was the concept. Women gathered around like men sipping whiskey, smoking cigars. Yet it was not totally manly instead feminine and empowering. Down to the very core. Women entrepreneurs gathered to build a campaign to market themselves. Not to mention every single human there was talented. 

Photography: Milou+Olin Photography
Styling: Green Wedding Shoes [instagram account : @greenweddingshoes]
Rentals: Dog Wood Party Rentals 
Hair and Makeup: Kayci Stoots Subia
Linens: Latalova Linen Rentals
Event Planning: KMK Design
Florals: Scarelett and Grace
Deserts: Paper Heart Patisserie
Graphic Design: Moochie Creative [instagram account: @moochiecreative]

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