Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Three things; none of which I'm zooming in on, literally, because I'm talking about in my pictures.  Nonetheless THREE things. But before I get into those. Summer, I don't like! I really don't. Monday was our first real encounter and I sweated through three outfits (I'm not lying either). 
Back to three. This summer season I prepared my must haves. Really did my research on the things I needed and wanted. One of the things I needed were a new pair of sunglasses. As we seen in almost every blog and highlighted on every major shopping site, clear frames are a total must have. Most have colored lens, those weren't really my vibe. So I found the perfect clear frames with gold accents, and brownish lens. Win. Second, sandals. Every season I feel like I have to add a new pair, like my staple sandal. I kid you not, I was searching since last summer for my perfect one. I finally found my absolute favorite gladiator-wear-all-summer-sandal. I know it's my favorite because I would definitely buy the same one in a different color.  They're so subtle and sleek. Three, my little nug, my YSL monogramme camera bag. Every girl (and guy) should invest in a good quality-don't want to sound pretentious- designer bag. I recommend buying one that is season-less, one you could pass down, a designers' staple-it-bag. A mini bag was essential for me this summer. It just was. You know?

What are you musts for the summa?

hat: (my sister's)// shades: Le Specs// shirt: from M√©xico (also my sister's)// shorts: American Eagle// bag: Saint Laurent// sandals: Cynthia Vincent. 

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