Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Crop Top

I frequently visit my family in my hometown Stockton, CA. Which has a really bad rep. It's known for crime, drugs, and us gangsters. People are scared, makes sense. But above all Stockton is home, full of memories, good ones too. When there, I like to cruise through our abandoned downtown. I find a lot of character there. Like this cool flag I was able to shoot in front of. And the good thing a lot of positive change is happening. #proud!

Typically crop tops are not my thing. They remind me of teenagers or young college girls. Holy shit I just aged myself!!!! I'm in my twenties, swear. Mainly, truth is a little insecurity.  Although I am small, my stomach is my biggest issue. Let's just say it's not smooth.  Anyway, the hell with insecurities, if I don't accept it other people wont. Nobody's perfect. Crop tops are at the top of my shopping list. I went from none to 4 (exactly) real quick. Perfect paired with high waist bottoms!

top: Topshop// shorts: GAP// sandals: Cynthia Vincent// bag: Nordstrom// shades: Celine (sister's)

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