Monday, June 1, 2015

senior citizens

I seriously apologize for my absences. I truly do.
While I was absent I didn't even have the decency to shot outfits. But who needs to see me strike my 'Beyonce' or 'Sincerely Jules' when we have these incredibly dapper senior citizens shutting it down. WHO???  
You see, to me style inspiration can come from absolutely any one, at any age, race, gender, occupation, etc. And Senior Citizens are on my radar. Let's face it, they will always get it. They're wise, have great quality clothes, and frankly look so damn adorable in anything. Sometimes we tend to overlook seniors, categorize them as non-stylish. Lesson learned. They are the new black. 
The only thing I wish now is to continue, once I get to my old age, to look as cool as these peeps. 

(all photos via my Pinterest)

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