Wednesday, April 15, 2015

hang with ME?

Graffiti walls are usually not my jam. I mean, sure they were super cool when blogging was booming. But it seemed so cliche. EVERYONE was doing it. I tired to stay away. But I figured it's been a long time coming. Plus this particular section of midtown had some pretty rad looking writing. 

Gaucho pants...get them. Consider them your cool staple in your closet. Seriously, they will elevate your look. If you're scared or think you can't pull them off at least try them. Bring a bunch of tops with you to the fitting room (i.e crop tops, slim fitting)  whatever you know will compliment your body type! Plus, honestly, jeans, they're awesome/perfect but every now and then- change is expected. 

****Also, if you live in Sacramento, CA or surrounding areas come out and hang with me at the Midtown Farmers Market!!! This Saturday 4/18/15 located between J & K on 20th St.  I'll be hanging out taking pictures of fashionable peeps. So bring your grandma, pets, neighbors, parents, friends, everyone- and dress cool...if you want. Wear your best cologne and/or perfume/body spray! 
Hope to see lots of beautiful faces!!! 

jean jacket: GAP (since high school)// trench: CUFFS boutique (Sacramento, CA)// top: Forever21// gaucho: Nordstrom Rack// heels: Victoria Secret// candy: Haribo Cherries (I only like cherry and pineapple flavor) 

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