Monday, April 13, 2015

oh boy!

Oh boy, it's been a while! Missed you all! 

 I've been in an absence from the blog because I haven't bought anything new in a long time. My closet feels basic, uninspiring, uninteresting, just a huge blahhhhhhh! Typically, I'm really good at reusing old clothes to create new/different looks. But even that wasn't coming to me. Like, I at least wanted something new to wear. So basically, I've been a struggle. 
 Lucky, I have my blogger bud who constantly pushes me (love her!) aka gave me a day notice to get ready! I was in a time crunch and had been starring at my closet for a solid 30 minutes. Finally I decided to move over and pick through my boyfriend's side. I picked my favorite piece, his "abuelo" (grandpa) sweater. So cozy and oversized, perfect for the kinda gloomy/ windy day we were having! 

Until next time! XO 

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  1. You look great! And I have found myself in the same situation, but it's fun to mix things up in a new way!