Monday, April 20, 2015

Farmers Market Streetstyle

This past Saturday (4/18/15) I was at the Midtown Farmers Market with my plum (aka little sister). Scouting cool styles. If you weren't there you totally missed out! Seriously. The amount of cool style in Sacramento is bananas. Unique, eclectic, trending, hip.

It's not any ordinary farmers market where you go pick up your veggies, eggs, fruits, flowers, etc. and go home. No! Midtown's Farmers Market is different, special. It's located in a fantastic area (between J and K, on 20th st) one of the busiest areas in midtown. Lots of amazing restaurants and shops surrounding the market. At the market you have wonderful vendors with amazing produce, there's a play area, bike valet, sweet eats, music, sitting areas. I mean it's literally a social gathering more so than a farmers market. 

And don't worry if you didn't make it out this weekend, the market happens every Saturday! 

my plum/ little sister. xo

*This post is in collaboration with Getta Clue and Unseen Heroes for the Midtown Farmers Market. For specific information on fresh produce and fresh style, please

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