Wednesday, January 14, 2015

oh ponchó

We all have mixed feelings about ponchos; in all honesty I love them! I wish I had more. Obviously I get the most compliments from senior citizens but its fine. We vibe. Some are pretty funny, including my grandparents. TANGENT! Ponchos are great. 

Getting a cool poncho is obviously important because that will determine who you will vibe with. For me, this one screamed well...ME! I love black and the print ties in yet another cool element (you know in addition to it being a poncho). Although, senior citizens are going to be my main peeps, maybe, just maybe, I'll vibe with the cool kids. 

poncho: Forever 21// jeans, booties, and bag: ZARA// shades: Wildfox


  1. Cute outfit!

    Xo Caroline

  2. I love your look here!