Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dark, love, convenience

 So many things going on here. One, my hair is darker! Two, panda fur alert! Three, clearly I only own ONE bag! 
I feel like I've had lots of different hair styles but I have to say, by far, this one is my favorite. The color, the cut... I mean just perfect! Not to mention its glossy as heck! Which is definitely a bonus to us curly haired women. My hair is typically so dry! So, HUGE thanks to my little cousin for my new do! Love it. 
Now my fur! Some say it looks like a panda (thanks sister), others say skunk (wont say who- but it hurt), I say...idk but I love it! It's like I'm a walking exclamation point... statement! And really ever since I've taken off the tags its like the only jacket I own. I'm seriously a repeat offender. Which brings me to my bag! I got it from ZARA during their black friday sale and since then I have not switched bags once! Well expect when I'm running errands in which I switch to a tote! Anyway, I love this bag its compartmented perfectly and has a long strap to throw over my shoulder. I guess the convenience of it makes me happy. 

So what are some of your on-repeat items? Huh? Share!

jacket: H&M// t-shirt: Racks Boutique (in Sacramento, CA)// jeans: Rag and Bone// bag & booties: ZARA// shades: Wildfox


  1. Wow, I'm seeing my current town in the background there! Used to seeing you shoot in Sac. Keep up the great work, I love your outfits and blog.

    1. so you live in stockton? thats my hometown! but I live in Sac so I do most shooting here! Thanks for checking in! Keep coming by!