Wednesday, October 1, 2014

TBD music festival with City Scout

 Sacramento is not only the capitol of the great State of California, it also has many historic landmarks, amazing people, restaurants,  endless entertainment and nooooow even a music festival!!! Don't say anything, take a moment to process this information. 

My friend(s) over at City Scout invited me to share what I would wear to the TBD music festival. I teamed up with a local Sacramento boutique to style an outfit of what I would wear. 
I chose this little two piece because bright, festive, and sexy. Low cuts and short shorts. What's not to love. A little denim jacket, in case it gets cold and most importantly sneakers! I can't stress enough how important comfortable shoes are. I've been to Coachella, I wore booties and I was dying! Sneakers are definitely a must a music festival, along with sunglasses and a few jewls! Anyway read my article on City Scout (here). 

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