Thursday, October 9, 2014

heart filled with envy

I'm pretty sure we've all, at one point, said to ourselves "if only work would let me wear whatever the hell I wanted and it'd be appreciated." For those of you who DO wear whatever the hell you want and is appreciated...stink eye goes to you! JK. Actually I envy you. I wish I was you, really I do. 

As I was going through Free People's Instagram/ their blog I see how their employees dress and not only does my jaw drop but my heart fills with envy. Why must they dress so perfect? Every single employee, right down to the receptionist who checks you in their headquarter building.  Seriously! who's with me?

One time while I was furiously obsessing over FP I stumbled across a girl who was dress INcredible! She had on a black lace slip, a cool vintage t-shirt, and beautiful beach weaves. Again, mouth open and heart filled with envy. So this was my attempt to be her. 

jacket: sister's (F21)// t-shirt: Harley Davidson (from local boutique, RACKS)//skirt: (originally a dress) River Island// heels: Victoria Secret

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