Monday, October 13, 2014

on duty

This is my "on duty" look, meaning work fit. To me wrap dresses are so elegant and professional and classy and just...uh right. Years go when I would see these dresses, either in magazines or on an actual person, I would fantasies about the day I would wear one. Although I desperately wanted a DVF one, I settled for a Forever 21 dress, still wraps.
 However, Diane Von Furstenberg gets women, is proud of women. And I truly feel that her signature dresses are a representation of that. Which is why I still desperately want one. Eventually. 

dress & necklace: F21// shoes: Zara//bag: Louis Vuittion// shades: Wildfox Couture


  1. this dress is very Diane Von Furstenburg - i love it

    mon |

  2. I love this! You look so great!