Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Coat check

Coat check

Guys, I kinda sound like a broken record BUT I- like the majority of fashion lovers- looove Fall. It's the perfect time of year.  Holidays are near, pumpkin spice, peppermint, gingerbread lattes, cool weather, layers of clothing, not to mention the hunt for the perfect coat. Which mind you, I've been looking for the perfect one for years. I always push it off by buying other things. Unfortunately I cant have it all... yet.

Anyway, all these coats are on my wish list. All for different reasons.
Topshop:'s necessary. The perfect color, looks elegant, and this color on a coat looks expense! Right?
Finder Keepers: need I really say more???
Madewell: the most perfect military coat I've ever laid eyes on. The zippers, mid-high collar, the contrast. Literally makes my knees weak.
Loose Candy: my favorite color. Plus, this forest green is an "it" color for fall.
Rag & Bone: pattern to elevate any outfit. I can see myself wearing all black underneath and then boom - pattern!
Awww and finally, the Investment piece, the black coat. The Row: not because my favorite sisters of all time are the designers but because it's a timeless and classic piece. You could literally pass it down for generations. And if you don't but any other coat ever, you'll be set forever w just this one! 

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  1. Love those coats !