Thursday, September 25, 2014

establishing vibes

Photography by BaeleeMichelle 

Awesome, right? All that sass. We almost look like an updated Spice Girls photo. In which case I would obviously be Posh Spice. Yeah? 

Anyway, a few months back a few of my Spice Girl (joking) friends and I decided to get together to show how the fashion blogger community in Sacramento is growing. I for one think its absolutely great. We get to create/develop our own blogging vibe in Sacramento. At least for fashion blogs. As opposed to being trying to establish someplace where the blogger community is already established. So the whole idea of being apart of something thats beginning to evolve makes my little heart sing, smile, and twerk all at once. 
Read our cool interview at City Scout

Blogger Buds: Phoebe- The Dress Fiend, Kachet- The Lipstick Giraffe, Haley- Colour Me Classic, and Vanessa- Babsicle.

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