Wednesday, September 24, 2014

brother jeans

Ever since I inherited these jeans from my little brother I've been obsessed with styling looks with them.  In my mind I knew they would be perfect with everything. Typically when people (meaning men) think of boyfriend jeans they don't think to associate them with being sexy. So in my true nature, I challenged myself to style boyfriend/brother jeans so that my boyfriend wouldn't find them atrocious. I believe I won. My butt looked great, I was showing just the right amount of skin, and my hair was 
afro-y just how he likes it. 

Of course, this isn't about making him happy with my fashion choices but sometimes, just sometimes, I enjoy dressing for him. ONLY SOMETIMES, but there has to be satisfaction for me too. Hence, why I am wearing my 'brother' jeans. 

top: F21(similar here)
pants: Levi's (belonged too little brother) 
sandals: Zara
trench: Cuffs Boutique (similar here)
clutch: Comme De Garcons

So do you like dressing for your sugar boo, sometimes? All the time? TELL ME!

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