Monday, September 22, 2014

man hunt

Where am I wearing this look too? Shopping, coffee shop, hang out with friends, almost anywhere. I especially feel like this top is so fun and can go anywhere with it. And I must admit... I copied Man Repeller (sigh). I absolutely love her. She has the most amazing unique style EVER! The moment I found out her top was TOPSHOP I went on a serious man hunt (no pun intended) no rest till it was mine. 

It's not super noticeable BUT I finally bought myself a denim shirt! I used to have a jankie ol' Target one, which mind you I thought was fabulous. However, a girlfriend strongly disagreed. She was like "your into fashion yet your "denim/chambray" shirt is ugly. It's not even real denim". Just so you know, I rolled my eyes at her and might have given her a slight mug. 

shirt: TOPSHOP// waist shirt: GAP// shorts: vintage Lauren pants (DIY into shorts)// Chelsea boots: GAP// clutch: borrowed from my blogger bud Colour Me Classic


  1. always a fan of tying a piece around the waist. great cool girl look

    mon |

  2. I love the colors and the sunglasses rock.

    Eye See Euphoria :

  3. Wow I love this outfit! Cute top and cool brown details with the bag and boots ;) you look great <3

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  4. wow, this is such a great top. Completely obsessed. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'm sharing my Vanity Fair feature on the blog today. :) xx