Friday, April 25, 2014


hat: unknown (stole from dad)// jacket & dress: F21// booties: American Eagle// bag: Vintage Gucci// shades: Ray Ban

Lately, getting ready seems like such a hassle. All I want to wear is workout clothes. Shameful, yes. But I actually started going to the gym soooo I's ok. Then again I feel like we are in such an awkward weather situation out here. It's like one day its damn hot, the next medium, the other cold, and then raining. So I take it as a time to prepare my body for the summer days. When all I want to do is be naked...or in a bathing suit. This may sound like an excuse to some, which it is. But who cares right? Workout gear is awesome. 

Then again I cant go through life wearing just workouts clothes so the easiest thing for me is to wear all black. As we all know all black equals fool proof styling. There is no way it could possibly go wrong. 

Also I have good intentions to post more regularly. Feel off for a bit, like I said before I was consumed with unforeseen situations.

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