Monday, April 28, 2014


sweater: F21// t-shirt: F21// jeans: H&M// sandals: ZARA// shades: Wildfox Couture

Again, black is my go too. It's so simple and easy, can't say enough. 
Occasionally I like to break it up with a few colors in between. Here I added a white and black stripped t-shirt with nude sandals with metal accents. Adding a few interesting colors and textures (not necessarily jewelry) to plain'ol black creates depth and more appealing to the eye. So instead of a person glancin' at your outfit, they'll stare. Thank me later. Or now, up to you. 

Pointing out the obvious, but how gorgeous are my nude sandals? Eh?  I've been wanting a pair of nude sandals for spring and summer for a long time. None ever moved me. Until these babies. I mean perfectly strapped, rose gold details, and the heel height is perf! Couldn't have designed a better sandal myself. 


  1. I know the post is about your black outfit, but those shoes are pretty amazing. :)

  2. Cute outfit and I looooove the shoes!!


  3. Beautiful shoes!