Monday, March 10, 2014

Antique Faire

Two things... maybe three. One, tote bags are totally in. Consider yourself eco-friendly while looking chic as S%*@. I carry totes to San Francisco [because they charge per shopping bags!], Antique Faire's, Farmers Markets, whenever I walk to coffee shops and don't want to carry an actual purse, etc. Two, ripping the bottom of my jeans is an obsession and getting a bit out of control. It doesn't stop at jeans. I started ripping my slack pants for work. 
Three, like I mentioned before, exploring my neighborhood/city is my thing. Sunday I caught up with two blogger friends [Haley and Vanessa] to walk through Sacramento's Antique Faire. I loved seeing all the cool gems and getting home decor inspired. Recently I stumbled across a cool little quote that read "make your home a place you want to be". Now that I have a bit more time in my hands re-decorating my apartment is another hobby. Going to the Antique Fair was perfect to get the creative juices going.

jacket: GAP// sweater: H&M// jeans: Hurley// shoes: Nike// bags: Rebecca Minkoff and tote, Forever 21// shades: Ray Ban


  1. Cute and casual - I love the tathered jeans and the camo mix.


  2. Amazing style. found your blog and I am your new follower. hope you can visit my blog too. kiss from Portugal.