Thursday, March 6, 2014

e x p l o r e r

sweater: ZARA// pants: BAR III// boots: Aldo// shades: Ray Ban// rings: Sincerely Jules x Gabriela Artigas, Free People, and Mexicó [snake]

Exploring my neighborhood is my new hobby. By exploring I'm talking walking and biking, primarily walking. Coming across the cutest coffee shops, bakeries, alley ways, monumental spots, the list is endless people. Recently my job has become more flexible, so I've made it a point to go out and really enjoy my hood. Checking off the places I have always wanted to try but always had an excuse not too. One of my main things, try out a new coffee shop each day. Because we all know mama loves her coffee. I sit and really enjoy my surroundings. Most importantly, people watch. I get inspired. Sometimes I think "Jac, make your own coffee save some cash for that cool bag you want" but going out for coffee makes me happy. I've heard plenty of times 'do what makes you happy', so that's that.

P.S. This alley, I have walked by it a million times. Finally, I stopped to appreciate its beauty. I also realized some lucky person lives in it- the alley. Just kidding that cool brick loft behind me. A home, I... and you would've never known existed.

What makes you happy?

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