Tuesday, March 18, 2014

extended l i f e

Know your onion. A phrase that came from ManRepeller meaning; know how to layer. Get it? An onion has layers. With that said, I have been pushing myself to try different layering tactics. Dresses are on my radar because we most likely stick to its natural use. On their own or maybe a cool little jacket over it. So they are the perfect item to extend their life. 
In this particular case I started off thinking I was going to wear this dress on its own. Dress like an onion, I rationalized. Step outside of your sorta predictable dressing, I said. So I started adding pieces. No surprise, I would pair fitting with baggy and sporty with sexy. 
A sexy lingerie dress with an oversized button up, leather jacket to bring it all in and add prefect amount of edginess. The slip-ons to give it that 'me' effect. I must say it was a bit out of my comfort and normal  zone but I'm pleased.

The bonus, weather has been particular bipolar so adding and removing pieces is major. 

dress: River Island// shirt: Brandy Melville// jacket: BP Nordstrom// shoes: Sam Edleman// shades: Wildfox Couture// bag: Alexander Wang// watch: Nixon


  1. This outfit combo is so cute and creative! love your dress!

  2. Loving this all black look! Especially loving your leopard shoes!!

    XO Color Me Courtney