Wednesday, December 11, 2013

grey and black

blazer: Pencey Standard// v-neck: H&M// sweatpants: Target// booties: Sam Edelman// bag: Louis Vuitton

Sweatpants, the wardrobe essential for winter. Well at least mine. 
They're comfortable and impose a styling challenge. 
Orignially I had this idea to wear these sweatpants with a loose sweater, then I thought "eh, been there done that". So then I had this brilliant idea to create a look where it almost looks like I am wearing a suit! Really into suits, btw. Fortunately I have this amazing Pencey Standard fleece blazer. Therefore it would only make sense to pair/ style similar materials. Again, I wanted to create an illusion of a suit so I kept the same color scheme. The colors don't have to match perfectly. I think that's what really creates takes the "casual suiting" to the next level. Dig? 


  1. Your style is the perfect combination of trendy and chic! I'm so happy I saw you're now on The StyleUp! Can't wait to get one of your outfits for the style inspiration!

    1. oh thank you! thats really sweet. Im glad your enjoying!

      xo, Jaclyn