Monday, December 2, 2013

little man jeans

sweatshirt: Aritzia// jeans: Levi's (little brothers)// heels: Victoria Secret// beanie: ASOS//bag: Louis Vuitton//shades: Ray Ban 

When I say "little man jeans" I literally mean it.  For a long time I was on a quest to find the perfect boyfriend (loose and baggy) jeans. I did have a few requirements; kinda loose, not too baggy, straight leg, not too long (I'm 5'2'' and a half- short, Kim Kardashian's height. Heeeyyyy Kanye), and cannot be bought cuffed. Not too much to ask for. About two months ago Leandra from Man Repeller, had a post (here) in which she bought and wore a pair of man jeans. I was spectacle at first, could man jeans really work for me?  To be honest I didn't put much thought to it long after that day.

  Until the other day.  I wore my ombre boyfriend or straight leg baggy jeans I got a while back from ASOS. In my eyes they're amazing and unique. In my boyfriend's eyes they are UGLY and should never be worn again.We've all heard how dreaded they are by almost all boyfriends because of how shaggy they may make your butt look. It's true, my ombre boyfriend jeans are harsh on my cheeks, they look sad. But for the sake of not saving an argument. I told my boyfriend (neck roll and finger in the air) 'I don't dress for you, if I did I'd be naked!' I secretly thought to myself maybe I should toss them. NEVER!

Long story short, I remembered I have a little brother who's going through some seriously rapid growth spurts! I called my mom told her to put them to the side for me, she probably thought I was going thru an identity crisis. I tired them on. They fit just the way I wanted my 'perfect' boyfriend jeans to fit and look. I had a little moment. I confirmed my moms assumptions, identity crisis and weird. She verbally kept it to herself. After all I am her kid, but her facial reaction confirmed what I thought she thought about me. 

 Man Repeller is right about the pockets in men's jeans. She said "men’s back pockets are positioned lower than ours thus creating the illusion of a more beautiful behind" My little man jeans have pockets that can bring me another step closer to Kim K, again; Heeeeyyy Kanye. My cheeks are definitely happier than when in my ombre boyfriends. 
 BTW, Im only joking about Kanye he's a little too intense for my taste. 


  1. Love the 2nd shot! xx

  2. Awww look at those leopard shoes! You styled it purrrfelctly!