Sunday, October 20, 2013

Eye Candy


I kid you not when I say my mind was blown the moment I saw these shoes on Instagram.
It was like I had an out of body experience,  nothing I ever felt before. Every night after our first encounter I've had sleepless nights making numerous outfits in my head. Or thinking of a scheme so I can actually buy them (or one, the very least). At one point I felt hopeless; I had nothing, no brilliant scheme, no investing money for shoes, literally nothing. It was like Sophia Webster was slipping right through my fingers. Although I still don't own a pair yet, I will eventually. In the mean time I frantically check the internet on a daily basis for no clear reason. Often I try to use reverse psychology on myself telling myself that if I had them I probably wouldn't even use them. It didn't work. What I am trying to say is that these shoes are everything and without them I am nothing. So I need them.

 Sophia Webster is a pure genius and magician! Her shoes are master pieces that should be put in an art museum so no one could wear them and potentially ruin them. And if I cant have them no one should, muah-ha-ha!  I'm joking that would be the stupidest idea ever. Sophia's (we are on a first name basis, given the amount of times I visit her site per day) shoes are meant to be seen by the world. Therefore women/ I should wear them to EVERYWHERE including long walks on the beach days.

Fun story, in my desperation of needing these shoes, I considered pimping out my boyfriend.
I have a friend who is a gay male who happens to love my boyfriend. He made a monetary offer to us... mostly me. It entailed my boyfriend going with my friend to a gay bar. He would only need to show up with him, hang out for a few minutes, and go. All my friend wanted was to make people jealous. Simple right? And at the end of the day I was doing a good deed. PLUS I was willing to give my boyfriend 10%!!! As it turns out my boyfriend rejected our offer, didn't talk to me for a few hours- because he thought I was seriously considering it- and now believes I will put shoes before our relationship. The nerve he had to say something like that to me or even think it!
Anyway fun story huh?

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