Thursday, October 31, 2013

behind the scenes

Disclaimer: I am not a professional model, I repeat; I am not a professional model (insert laughter).

About two weeks ago I got a text from my good friend asking little ol' me if I would be interested in modeling for a SUPER COOL project she had coming up. I hesitated, jk. I jumped on it like a monkey on bananas; said yes before I knew the details. The project was a wedding photography workshop hosted by Bret Cole Photography. It brought together a bunch of talented wedding professionals (which I didn't even know existed, their professions). I'm talking florist, photographers, stylist, pastry chefs, etc; the list is grand.

Nerve recking and intimidating to most nonprofessional models but in my head it was my time to shine.  Not that modeling has ever been my dream. I religiously practiced poses in the mirror, smized randomly. Ask my boyfriend if you don't believe me. I started playing out the entire shoot in my head. Upon my arrival an entire hair and make-up team would be waiting, just for me. There'd be loads of champagne to kill the nerves, maybe some fireworks going over the ocean, happily-ever-after duh. I would strike poses against a rock like a mermaid, while the water splashes. But to my surprise there would be no beach. It was literally freezing. I am still shocked I didn't catch some kind of hypothermia. I was a groom-less bride. Therefore, not much of an amusement to the photographers. Whom obviously were there to shoot a wedding which consist of two people! Not one. So my shining time, was cut short.
Nonetheless it was an awesome experience even left me thinking of quitting my day job. Jk, again.

Special thanks to the entire team for making me feel like the center of attention for 5 minutes.
Bret, the lead photographer/ boss lady, was beyond amazing and sweet. She made me feel so comfortable. Chels, my sassy florist (photographed in the last photo) friend and her mama for being amazing and including me on this project. All the little people that I had to climb over, again jk! But really thanks to the entire team, you all were beyond amazing!

Happy Halloween!

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