Thursday, August 22, 2013

Investment, fall edition.

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I am one of those firm believers in investing. Taking a portion of your money and putting it into something that will benefit you is a no brainer. Of course everyone has their own ideology of investment. Some people like to invest their money in stock, plants, technology, but for me- and maybe for you- fashion is an investment. A well worth investment if you ask me. Putting your money into certain pieces of your wardrobe is the difference between looking average and really making a statement. Now I am not saying you go out and spend thousands on booties or millions on a bag. I am suggesting that you write down a few pieces that you know you always wear then go for it; spend a little more than usual. Remember the saying "quality over quantity". Repeat this mantra when shopping items on your list.

I narrowed down to six items worth investing in for fall.
1. Leather jacket (Alexander Wang): Endless outfits, always a go-to item in everyones closet. It will literally save you from any fit drama. The buttery the leather the better the wear.
2. Cool blazer (Rag & Bone): Of course a black blazer is extremely versatile but it's also safe. I strongly recommend you invest in a cool tweed or printed blazer. Be adventurous. Your outfits automatically make a statement w/ a cool blazer.
3. Military jacket (Rag & Bone): The military jacket plays no favorites with the seasons. This is one jacket that transitions smoothly; fall to winter, winter to spring, etc. MUST.
4. Classic black bootie (Rag & Bone): a black pair of booties is as necessary, if not more, than a little black dress.
5. Clutch (Balenciaga): a beautiful clutch that you can wear day or night is worth it.
6. Leather pants (Alice and Olivia): a good ol pair of leather pants is crucial. I feel like now until forever they will be in style. Therefore invest in a good pair.

Of course you also need other stuff like a wallet, purse, little black dress.
Happy Weekend xoxo.

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