Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dressing for Love

dressing for love

Valentines Day, one of my favorite holidays is just around the corner.
This means us ladies (taken or single) are planning some kind of cool/romantic date with our boo or girlfriends. Other than spending hours contemplating where the perfect date will be, outfits take too much time too. One color I always wear (even if it's under garments) is RED. It is said that wearing red is good fortune for LOVE.
 Trending major right now is sneakers, black and white color block, and colored leather.
Soooo being the cool and kind person that I am, I made this collage to ease some stress and keep you super trendy for love day. I mixed it up according to the activities.

The first look (colored leather jacket and grey shirt dress) would be perfect for an early breakfast date with your boo. Wear it with these cool Nike Air Max's to dress it down. Or if your your bold enough to wear heels to breakfast- just do it.

The second look (black and white color blocked fit) is for that cool girlfriends dinner. This look screams "Hi sexy single lady" Guaranteed  you'll turn heads!
 It is sleek, sexy, chic, and totally on trend. Just throw on a leather jacket or blazer. Oh and a red lip will def take it to the next level.

The third and final look (black and white stripped blouse with red flow skirt) is more sexy romantic. Perfect for a candle light dinner.

P.S. pardon my absences been feeling a little uninspired (hate to admit, but true). Thank God I bumped into this amazing quote, just picked me up instantly. "God would not have given you your dreams if he didn't think you were capable of achieving them" -unknown.

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