Thursday, January 24, 2013

round 2: SF

Even more pictures!
Although this isn't pure fashion, I want to share a little with you guys about my life. 
With that said, two random things about me: 
1. Always 'like' photos containing Starbucks on Instagram. Carrying a cup is like an accessory.
2. Really into Vanderpump Rules on Bravo TV. The cast is stylish- kinda.

On another note, lately I've been thinking about how to set my blog apart from the million of fashion bloggers out there. Pondering about it for days now people! I mean I guess my blog is a little different. It has mens fashion as well. Then I think it's not good enough! Obviously I still need a waaayy better layout. Seriously every single thought has gone through my head. BUT WHAT??? I'm an over thinker and don't like to settle. I won't settle until I find my niche or I'm just as good or better than Man Repeller or Song of Style (awesome bloggers, btw).
I will say that is not something I want to do as a career.

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