Monday, December 3, 2012

Newest edition to my blog---MEN.

fashionable men

photos via Pinterest

Hello there!
I want to introduce to you guys the newest edition to my blog, mens fashion.
 Mens fashion is just as important as women's. AND there is nothing sexier than a man who can dress. Therefore I want to give it the respect it deserves by posting outfit pictures of well dressed men. Although I have no idea who these men are, their style is flawless.

I sometimes forget how inspirational a fashionable man is.
Noted that we women are wearing men  inspired pieces, such as blazers, boyfriend jeans, oxfords, suits, the list goes on. So mens fashion has revolutionized women fashion. To repay their contribution to my style and my dreams of one day becoming a men's stylist I will find the most amazingly styled men and post their pictures.

This new edition can serve many purposes. One, it can inspire us women to get dressed in a different way. Two, cause major drooling over the sexiness of a well-dressed man. Three, inspire MEN who need fashion help! Because I am over the plain-ol T-shirt and jeans look.

Let me know what you guys think of this new edition!!!
PS Im graduating in just two weeks- my stomach hurts!

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