Thursday, March 16, 2017

Downtown Stockton, CA

There is something so cool about Downtown Stockton. It's been deserted for several years, has tons of historical buildings, and oh so much character.  In recent years, there has been lots of new development. Businesses are starting to see the opportunity. Cool new coffee shop, Uber cool San Francisco furniture designer opened up his workshop in downtown Stockton, several new restaurants, new modern lofts, creative collaborative spaces, and my brother's campaign office was located in one of Stockton's oldest buildings (built in 1920's, vacant for a long time) decked out in marble (see here).
As a born and raised Stocktonian, I am so proud to see the city evolve. Primarily downtown which in my opinion is the coolest area in Stockton.

Also, there is something so special and traditional and hip about wearing good' ol classics no? Plain white t-shirt (Hanes!), blue jeans, and sneakers. So special. These days it's literally my uniform. Need to change it up.  

Brother's office is the pretty one with all those windows! 
t-shirt: Hanes
jeans: Gap
sneakers: Golden Goose Deluxe


  1. I always love to see a positive representation of Stockton. I've been living there about 6 years now. It's a very underrated town. If you make the effort to find the cool stuff, they're there! Miracle Mile, local restaurants, Stockmarket, Sycamore.

    1. I couldn't agree more! I'm so excited for all that's to come!