Tuesday, August 9, 2016


 Now that things are finally starting to settle down around here (our new home..wink), it's time to celebrate! I've been on this weird Pinto Nior Rosé kick, so I figured it'll be fun to experiment with my summer fave. I came across this particular cocktail on Pinerest. I only jotted down the ingredients on a post note, then lost it. So I don't have exact measurements. But here is what you'll will need:

1 bottle of Rosé
1 12oz can of sparkling grapefruit [used La Croix]
Gin [your choice]
Garnish: cut up grapefruit and gold raspberries

**mix all liquid ingredients together, then vu-a-la**

This is the perfect drink to host at a summer siorée, girlfriend get together, or just simply in need of a cocktail.

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